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  • Possible Worlds: Why Do Children Pretend? By Alison Gopnik

    In the essay “Possible Worlds: Why do Children Pretend?” by Alison Gopnik she explains her theory of counterfactual thinking and the result of that being possible worlds. Gopnik suggests that counterfactuals are the possibilities of what could have occurred in life. These counterfactuals are the cause, and the effect is the creation of possible worlds. Gopnik defines possible worlds as “the productions of hope and imagination” (163). Possible worlds are seen as the result of a counterfactual; they are the possibilities of what could have happened. Alison Gopnik also speaks on how knowledge and imagination coincide to form these possible worlds. According to Gopnik causal knowledge is knowing that because two things are connected you can figure out the outcome of one thing if you were to change the other. In addition to the use of imagination, a vision is formed. This vision, then in turns leads to the possibilities of what could occur if this vision is played out or not. Throughout Gopniks article, she ties knowledge and imagination together and how each one works on the other to create a possible world. From Gopniks theories people don’t live in the real world instead, they live in counterfactual thoughts. Having the ability to think about an event and the different ways it can play out is what gives humans evolutionary success. Gopnik claims “Counterfactual thinking lets us make new plans, invent new tools, and create new environments” (Gopnik 166). This quote shows the…

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  • Lewis Counterfactual Analysis

    During this essay, I will explain why Lewis’s understanding of counterfactuals develops the need for transitivity, and argue that although the notion of causal transitivity is useful to us (and necessary under Lewis’s 1978 account of counterfactual analysis), Lewis himself fails to provide an adequate response to meaningful counterexamples against it. Finally, I will present and evaluate an alternative rebuttal to these counterexamples, concluding that the transitivity of causation is not as…

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  • Summary: The Five People You Meet In Heaven

    EGH318: Assessment 2: Impossible and Unnatural Text Worlds in The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ In order to understand and conceptualise all language we encounter, we construct mental representations. These representations; known as text worlds, may be shaped differently depending on the individual, but are a part of how all linguistically adequate people process language. It is these text worlds and how humans make sense of them that is the underlying focus of what has been coined; Text World…

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  • Marketing Mix Of Nestle Romania

    Currently, Nestle Romania products are found on every shelf on every store and its portfolio of products includes the following products: 1. Breakfast Cereals: Nestle Fitness, Musli Tropical, Musli Classic, Lion, Cheerios, etc.; 2. Chocolate and cereal bars: Lion, Nesquick bar, Nestle Fitness, Lion, Kit Kat, etc. 3. Tea: Nestea is well known to Romanian Consumers. 4. Ice cream: Aloma, Best, Joe Ice Cream, Topgun, Nirvana. 5. Food: Maggi products and condiments are sold by Nestle…

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  • Tropical Delicacy Case Study

    Tropical Delicacy is a family run business. The product being Asian traditional coconut cookies. While it’s procedure was baking, packing and selling single high-quality coconut cookies plain variant using the Mass Marketing strategy. Potential customers were supermarkets, wholesalers, exporters, bakery stores and deli’s. During the past few decades, the needs of human beings have not changed, while wants have changed rapidly. Many companies have been using mass marketing with the expectation of…

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  • Swot Analysis Of United Cereal

    United Cereal: Lora Brill’s Eurobrand Challenge Ashraf Ismayilov United cereal is a US based company established in 1910 by Jed Thomas. The company established its first productions with cracked wheat, rolled oats and malt flakes however, later on, they moved their production line into products like drinks and beverages, dairy products and so on. UC was a successful company with an average value of 9 billion dollars by 2010. United Cereal was customer oriented company with its one of the most…

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  • Stranger Things Movie Analysis

    A Netflix original series boasting only eight episodes. Four child actors huddled around a ten-hour Dungeons and Dragons game. A mother communicating with her lost son via Christmas lights. A budding romance between the smart, pretty girl and the resident weird kid. A supernatural young girl with an affinity for Eggo waffles. It does not sound like it should work, but it does. While this summer’s Ghostbusters revival became the new punchline to every science fiction joke, Stranger Things brought…

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  • Gummy Candy Research Paper

    Neşe Ümit S005003 002- Technology behind the processing of a food product: Gummy Candy 28.12.2014 THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE GUMMY CANDY Gummy candy is a type of soft confectionery that has been first produced by Hans Riegel in Germany in early 1900s. First gummy candy was in the shape of bear and it was called “dancing bear” by its inventor, Hans Riegel himself. Both the dancing bear and the gummy candy factory are called HARIBO which is an acronym for Hans Riegel, Bonn (Hartel, 2014). Turkish…

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  • Character Analysis Of Dimmesdale In The Scarlet Letter

    far from admitting this sin to the society he lives in. Yet guilt plays a major role throughout that eventually engulfs his whole life. While describing the minister’s room, subtle hints are hidden around those four confined walls in order to serve as a reminder of the awful deed he once committed. “The walls were hung round with tapestry, said to be from the Gobelin looms, and, at all events, representing the Scriptural story of David and Bathsheba, and Nathan the Prophet, in colors still…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of King David And Solomon

    in Bethlehem, Judah (Castel, 1985, p.87). He grew up the youngest of eight sons of Jesse, and has been linked with the Ammonite royal family (Rogerson, 1999, p.78; 2 Samuel, 10: 1-2; 17:25-7). As a teenager David joined the entourage of Israeli King Saul as a minstrel and harpsichord player. It was during this time period that he first gained notoriety when he defeated the ominous giant Goliath armed with a mere slingshot. In 1 Samuel 18:20-30 it states that with a dowry of 200 Philistine…

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