Stereotypes In La Haine

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Erdem Balta
ASIU 101
In the movie “La Haine” it is quite possible to talk about traditional stereotypes concerning race, class and/or culture. The movie takes place in the in Paris, and three friends are centered: one is a black guy, Hubert; another one is an African, Said and one is a Jew, Vinz. The movie has number of racial, class and cultural points that are underlying ‘the other’ of France.
Starting from the first scene, we observe a Paris that is not matching with the developed French image we have. La Haine is a movie that is showing us another face of Paris from a very realistic perspective. One of the most striking scenes of the movie was the one that was one of the first scenes of the movie. That scene was shot on top of a building, where many young male people with a protester background gathered for against the policies of
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Movie has several scenes that are shot in different locations that are suburbs.
Another remarkable observation, which is not necessarily confirming the cliché stand point regarding race, class and culture is that the leading actors of the movie, three guys are coming from different racial background are acting along. Even though they obviously share the same culture and class, they are not involving in most activities with their racial group, like what is usually scene among minority cultures. In this movie we observe a class that is shown is a melting pot of races.
These three guys despite their different characteristics are sharing similar goals and approaches towards life, which is essentially clustered around police in the movie and being involved in illegal activities. That being against the police, in other words, to the system is another expected/known notion among minority group. Therefore, La Haine reaffirms cliché stereotypes concerning race, class and culture in that respect as

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