Sociological Analysis Of Freedom Writers

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"Freedom Writers" Social Theory Analysis

Even though many people aren't really aware of the existence of the social theories, they are a big part of our lives. Until we studied them, I didn't know about this, and now that I have a better knowledge about them I can easily apply them to my everyday life and what surrounds me. The movie Freedom Writers is a movie that contains ALL the social theories, and they are really easy to spot. In this essay I shall walk you though some of the things I identified from the movie regarding the social theories, to help you understand why this movie is the perfect example of the social theories.

To start of, the first and biggest issue in the movie is Race. We can see about 7 groups of different races split
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Even though it's a semi minor part of the movie, social class issues do happen in it. For this one again we have The social conflict theory because it's the upper classes, the ones who make a good living discriminating the lower classes. In this case the movie represents the upper class in Mrs. Gruwell's father who at the beginning of the movie did not approve of her teaching the kids she was assigned. It is also discussed throughout the movie that along with the issue of racism, people who were "at the top of the chain" always took advantage of the benefits that came with being on top upon the disgrace of the hard working people at the bottom of the class structure. Lastly, we can also detect some discrimination regarding class structure in the movie coming from the Principals assistant, who refused to let Mrs. Gruwell teach seniors because she did not see her fit for the job and because she discriminated the kids Mrs. Gruwell worked with for being "scum". She never did believe they could become anything else than what they were because she saw them as a lost cause instead of something that could be fixed with patience and …show more content…
We had the perfect couple at the beginning of the movie, but as it proceeds the husband starts to develop some kind of scorn for his wife because she's getting more work done than he does and because they rarely spend time together anymore. Marriage fits into the Structural Functional Theory because a marriage is basically two people working together to lead a life. Like a machine, if a part of the marriage stops working the whole machine stops. In the movie however, marriage is involved with two of the theories, Structural Functional and Social Conflict because even though Mrs. Gruwell failed to be available to her husband because of her devotion to the kids, her husband failed her by starting to believe he was "the wife" in the relationship now. That part specially made me angry because there is nothing wrong with being the wife in a relationship, and just because he felt his manliness was being threatened by the hard work his wife was doing he decided to

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