Poverty In The Movie Dope

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Sociology Is Dope The media I have chosen to analyze is Dope. The movie is about three high school seniors living in the poverty of Inglewood, CA. They call their neighborhood the Bottoms. In the Bottoms, everyday they are surrounded by gang violence and the social pressures from the unique norms of that culture. They fight against the current popular culture of being a thug by being 90s geeks. They find themselves in a pickle when they are then forced to sell drugs. Being smart and intelligent seniors, they find a way to sell drugs online and still stay clear of any law enforcement. In the end, the seniors make it out safe and one of them tell his story to get in to his dream college of Harvard. He ended his admission video with the quote, “You ask me why I would want to go to Harvard, if I was white would you even ask me that.” This movie reflects several sociological dynamics found in our current society. Those social dynamics include the problems of: poverty, race relations, and public norms. Poverty in the movie Dope reflects the poverty of real life. With attention to detail, the movie displayed several effects of poverty and some include poor education, high crime, and broken families. The school was under funded and failed to encourage the students to learn. An example of …show more content…
In the movie, some norms were very unique, but can still be found around current culture. One norm as an example was to not do “white sh*t”(Dope). These norm included “white sh*t” as getting good grades and trying to go to college. While the popular choice was to get high and sell the stuff that got people high. The movie’s culture promoted black people to act black by acting thug and join gangs. An example, students are Baylor are pressured to give off a christen outlook. If they do not the students could be resented by some and looked down upon because they are not in the

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