Personal Narrative: My Soccer Experience

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This experience was in HCHS when I sign in for practices of the soccer team. Well, the coach was picking new soccer players and I was there trying to do my best and be part of the best Soccer team, I don’t remember exactly the date but it was in October 2012. The first day we started running 5 laps to the two soccer fields, it was nice because I like exercise. After that we were passing the ball and shouting to the goal. The goal keeper is funny he played one year in a really professional team in Mexico. My feelings were high because soccer is my favorite sport. However, there were a lot of people trying to get in the team, but only 3 players could get it, which would be hard for me. Also, sometimes the practice was so hard that I didn’t want …show more content…
When we get to the field was like at 7:00 p. m. o’clock, the day was cold, it was perfect to play soccer. The game started but I didn’t play with the first 11 players in my team I get in the team in the second time. I was scared there making my first steps in the field, I touched the ball and the game continues. I didn’t do much for my team, it was my first official game in this team and this country but we won that day. We are a team, we play for it. The coach was happy for our first game. The practices continue and every day more hard. The coach sometimes gets angry but it’s normal. However, everyone is doing their best in the practice, in the game, every day we are playing hard, sometimes we get tired but with time to win every game. The second game was easy too because the other team didn’t play with its best and we won. The third game was not really easy because it is a classic game, Haines City High School vs. Ridge High School. When we get in their field we started hard we can do it but Ridge is a hard team and it plays really nice. In the first time of the game all was working easy but the time was running fast and Ridge makes its first goal and we got sad. The second time, it was worse because Ridge makes another goal we are 2-0 Ridge is winning and we are getting more sad. Yes we did a goal but the game is done and the score was 2-1 we lost the game. The time was fast, we won, and we lost. The coach is getting mad but we are playing that is the point, enjoy the game. The practice is getting down and more easy I don’t know why but some players doesn’t go to the practice and the players are forgetting to the team. Also the school has a soccer team for women and this team never won a game, it had a different coach. In the high school my friends asked me how is going the team and I can answer that question but it’s no

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