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  • Personal Narrative: Deeper Into My Life

    best times of my life. While living in Texas I really enjoyed going to a school that didn’t require uniform like they would in Louisiana. Eventually we returned home, and because I did not find life in Louisiana as interesting as Texas I cried for about four months. To make matters worse, I was out of school for 3 months before finally getting enrolled in a school that I didn’t know existed. I wasn’t able to go to school because I lived with my grandmother whom did not have legal guardianship of me. The fact that my mom is incarcerated and refused to sign over guardianship to anyone caused a major dilemma in life, not just school. Not having an active father in my life made the process much more difficult for me. If I had at least one of my parents available I would have been in school. After all of that madness I ended up starting school in the spring time. Not long after being in school I realized that even though I was out of school for a while I was still ahead of all the students. One pro to living in Texas is the school system was much more advanced than what we had in Louisiana. I was in 6th grade learning things that were taught in 5th grade in Texas. I guess everything happens for a reason. As I got older I eventually readjusted to life in New Orleans again. Breezing through middle school, and graduating in 2011, I decided to challenge myself and joined the honors program at John Ehret High School. Though the work was tough, the fruits of my labor begin to ripen.…

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  • Personal Narrative: How My Life Changed In One Day

    my life changed in one day: Some of the worse things that can ever happen, end up saving your life and making you grow into the person you are today. It all started when I was in John Ehret high school; I was a typical eighteen year old senior skipping school on the weekdays and partying on the weekends. I was dating a boy named Todd that I thought would do anything for me and loved me just as much as I loved him. We did everything and went everywhere together; we hung out at his house a lot…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To A New Home

    to learn the basics and do well in school. Some ideas in school were completely foreign to me, such as writing poetry and summaries for books. I began with learning the alphabets, and attended summer school to improve my reading skills. According to educators, teenagers who arrive unable to read in any language face tremendous pressure to earn an independent living while racing to catch up on more than a decade of academic building blocks. It was nearly impossible to learn in class without…

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  • The Importance Of Being Judged By Others

    Noor Al-Maadeed “Being judged by others” this personal piece that I shared, describes a past event happened during high school years. I learned how to overcome this negative experience to positive thing that helped shape my character turn into the confident woman I am today. The process of revising this piece of writing is on of the hardest because it is difficult for me to express my feelings about a place that is filled with negativity. In addition, I want to catch the reader’s attention and…

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  • The Importance Of Volunteering In Education

    Are We Losing Our Civic Values? With the concept of “mandatory volunteerism” burgeoning within the education system, both public and private high schools alike are beginning to debate as to whether or not they should all mandate community service. “Mandatory volunteerism” is exactly as defective as it sounds. This term refers to the enforcement of community service within a school. This concept should be negated, as it would devalue the sole purpose of having community service, exclude…

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  • Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

    Cheerleading should be considered a sport Most people only consider competition cheerleading as a sport, others such as cheerleaders themselves consider any type of cheerleading as a sport, such as school cheer or competition cheer. There are a lot of benefits to why cheerleading is a sport, also to why cheerleading should be considered a sport. Cheerleading can be classified as a sport in many different ways such as, a varsity high school sport, or as a competition sport. Cheerleading requires…

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  • Essay On Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    beaten up and denied access to their school bathrooms based upon the gender printed on the doors. These students are in a constant and devastating battle for equality. After years of verbal harassment and bullying for being transgender, the pain doesn’t stop. Finally being comfortable in their own skin and having the confidence to go out in public as a transgender, these victims are stopped and further harassed for no particular purpose other than the satisfaction of the offender. Public schools…

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  • Classroom Environment Analysis

    Environment” the environment a school creates “shapes how teachers and students will feel, think, and behave, and its qualities can have a lasting effect on our lives.” For these reasons, the environment in which a school creates plays a very important role in many peoples lives: the students, their families, the teachers, and the community. It can either work for or against those involved, which is why it is always one of the main concerns for schools. A predominately white (97.6%) elementary…

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  • View Of The Curriculum: Equality, Equality And Equality In Education

    View of the Curriculum American education over the past century has oscillated from focusing on the students to focusing on curriculum. During the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s, for example, there was a tension between excellence in education and equality in education. Some people attempted to provide equal education for all people (focusing on the student), but often sacrificed excellence in education. Other schools were set up promoting excellence in education. However, these schools often…

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  • Analysis Of Grade Inflation Gone Wild By Stuart Rojstaczer

    This, in essence, is the foundation of why Rojstaczer wrote his op-ed. He argues that getting a B+ or better is achievable for students with only minimal effort. Students can go through the motions, not prepare for class, and limit studying to a minimum to achieve a high letter grade. Students today “study less than 10 hours a week-that’s less than half the hours they spent studying 40 years ago” (68). Rojstaczer tries to back up his claim by looking at the average GPA of universities and…

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