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  • Synoptic Planning Case Study

    John Forester communicative planning in the late 1980s claimed that through communicative approaches along with technical knowledge, planners could help actors understanding each other and provide information to encourage community-based planning decisions. Public participation in communicative planning is fundamental because to plan is to communicate, argue, debate and engage in discourse for the purposes or organising attention to the possibilities of action. Planning becomes a social learning and culture building experience that produces a system of shared meanings between planners and the public. In this tradition, without the involvement of concerns actors, planning cannot…

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  • Hayek Vs Friedman Analysis

    of the economists he influenced, Milton Friedman arose to fame with his own economic theories partially based off of Friedrich Hayek’s theories. Although Friedman was influenced by Hayek, both economists have since diverged on many different economic topics, analyzing different types of data and creating their own theories. Both economists have played an important role in politics, the economy during different hardships in this country’s history, and creating many different…

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  • Pathological Pursuit Of Profit And Power Analysis

    are evil and that they do not provide any social benefits to the community. Corporations just follow their instinctual nature. Bakan in his writings mentions a notable businessman Robert Monks who compares the corporation to a shark. Essentially, Monks discusses how a corporation is prone to make externalities because it is built and set up to do so, just like a shark is a killing machine. It is in both the corporation and the shark’s nature to do what it is intended to do, there is nothing…

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  • Analyze The Causes Of The Great Depression

    The period of the great depression is one of the most trying socioeconomic challenges ever experienced in the United States. The crashing of the stock market, the failure of numerous banks, and massive loss of jobs marked the Great Depression. During this period, many Americans struggled to meet their daily needs and it often became common to see American citizens begging for food and money in the streets. The Great Depression had a significant impact on the lives of the majority of Americans…

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  • Globalization: The Super Story By Thomas Loren Friedman

    from there’s. Thomas Loren Friedman, three time Pulitzer Prize winner, and current writer for the New York Times foreign affairs column since 1995, is a famous journalist who took a closer look into Globalization. Covering the topic in his prologue “Globalization: The Super- Story,” from his book Longitudes and Attitudes, Thomas Friedman uses…

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  • Gary Becker Research Paper

    the book contained the first active effort to discus the effects of attitudes against earnings employment and occupations of minorities. It was positively reviewed in a few important journals but not initially. The different departs of economics and social science(psychology and sociology) did not believe that he was contributing to both of their fields part from Lewis, Scholtz, Friedman and others that were part of the Chicago School who did understand the books importance. (Nobel…

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  • Stock Market Collapse To Blame For The Great Depression

    of interest clears the market for loanable funds – it reflects the rate of time preference.  Cycles can and will occur if the rate of interest (r of i) is not at the right level.  If Central Bank injects more credit into the economy it pads the supply of savings – artificially enhances it. Then there is too much I.  The great depression of the 1930s followed the boom of the 1920s - in Hayek - the downturn correcting for past errors and eliminating inefficiencies created in the boom,…

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  • Capitalism And Freedom Friedman Summary

    Capitalism and Freedom Review Milton Friedman is one of the most influential economists in this country’s history. The two main economical ideologies nowadays are traditional and progressive, with the first being a conservative way of thinking and the second being much more liberal. I would say that the bulk of this book takes a more traditional approach to most of the debated issues. Capitalism and Freedom, one of Friedman’s most popular works, was written in 1962 and is still a standard…

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  • Great Depression Dbq Analysis

    The Great Depression was a period of time between 1929 and the late 30’s in which unemployment rates skyrocketed and America’s economy was hanging on by a thread due to multiple triggers one of which was the stock market crash. The two long-term causes of the Depression were the decline in industry growth and the overproduction of crops. Industry decline was one of the main factors that contributed to the Depression because former consumers no longer had the means to pay for goods or services…

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  • The Three E's Analysis

    Chris Martenson explained, during the Accelerated Crash Course, how the economy and financial status of our country will continue to rapidly decline if we do not adress it now. Martenson also suggested that everyone should always be prepared for times like these. He expounded on the Three E’s which are important topics we should focus on to save the economy from deteriorating. The Three E’s include the economy, energy, and environment and all three criteria should be thought of in the same sense…

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