Personal Narrative: How My Life Changed In One Day

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How my life changed in one day: Some of the worse things that can ever happen, end up saving your life and making you grow into the person you are today. It all started when I was in John Ehret high school; I was a typical eighteen year old senior skipping school on the weekdays and partying on the weekends. I was dating a boy named Todd that I thought would do anything for me and loved me just as much as I loved him. We did everything and went everywhere together; we hung out at his house a lot with his mom and little sister, mostly because my dad would never allow us to do the things we did. I remember thinking to myself, he would make such a good father because of how he loved and took care of his little sister. On another boring day at school I wasn’t feeling right. I ended up passing out in class and was brought to the nurse. The following day I had a doctor’s appointment to see if everything was ok. During my check up the doctor told me that I was a healthy young girl but something irregular came back on my test. Let’s just say my life and the people in it were disappearing before my eyes. …show more content…
My first thought was this cannot be true. I yelled at the doctor and told her she was lying, that there was no way! My thoughts started to race. I live with my parents, I am about to graduate High School, and I am only eighteen years old. There was no way I could have a baby. Then it hit me, I have to tell my parents I was “knocked up” by that boy they hated and demanded me not to see. I knew how disappointed they were going to be in me. I wondered if I was going to be kicked out of the house. My father wasn’t the, nicest or loving, father. He was very short tempered and if I breathe wrong he would yell. Finally after two months I just had to tell them. It was eating me up inside knowing they didn’t know

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