How I Changed My Life-Personal Narrative

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It was August of 2015, and I was excited to get to college. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I was ready to get out of my house and move a hundred miles away to live on my own. My only real worry was I wouldn’t be able to see my girlfriend, Ariel. Ariel is my girlfriend who is in high school. She’s a year younger than me, but 2 grades below. Her eyes are such a bright blue; They almost look fake at times. She is 5’7”, and fits under my arm perfectly. She has long, thick wavy blonde hair that reaches the small of her back. Her looks aren’t the extent of her beauty. She is sweet and caring. She derives pleasure from helping others. She is often silly and does weird things which is perfect, because I’m just as weird. She wants to be a teacher …show more content…
I’ve changed in more ways due to other factors. I’ve learned just how unpredictable the future can be, and I realized how much college actually changed my view on things. I’ve found I like to party. The person I was two years ago would be shocked to see where I am. I joined a professional fraternity in the beginning of my sophomore year. I’ve learned so much about my major, and I wish I would have done it earlier in my academic career. This is all stuff I could have never imagined happening to me my senior year of high school. However, all the other changes I’ve gone through don’t compare to the importance of the things I’ve learned through my relationship with Ariel. A lot of people go to college with a girlfriend and break up within a few months. This could have very easily happened to me, even though I would have never imagined it would. Instead, I’ve managed to keep my relationship strong. I’ve learned how to talk about difficult things and communicate effectively. I’ve also learned from my relationship that things will go wrong but it’s okay when they do. The future is unpredictable, and the struggles and hardships that happened to me over the last years have turned me into who I am

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