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  • A Welcome Speech To The Purpose Of Education In University

    different specialized fields The School of Translation Studies offers four majors for undergraduate students, Korean, Japanese, business English and Chinese-English Translation Studies. For the Korean major, we aim to cultivate talented person who can be excellent in all rounds, have solid foundation on language knowledge and basic skills, handle Korean as a communication tool well and have cultural understanding with global eyes, so that they are able to work in different areas like Korean teaching studies, foreign economic ties and trade, foreign affairs, tourism, translating or interpreting and commerce. The feature of the Korean major goes as follows: Most faculty has experience of studying or working abroad. Over 60% teachers have or will have Doctor’s degree soon. We cooperate with some Korean universities on exchange students programs. Over 80 percent of the undergraduates can pass the Topic Level 2 Examination. Each year many students can be admitted to some top universities like Shanghai international Studies University, Fudan Uni, Yan bian Uni for master’s degree. We have two directions in the major. As to the Japanese language and literature, we aim to educate versatile talents with qualified linguistic knowledge and basic skills, they should know enough about culture and have a global eyesight, so that they will fit in works in areas such like Japanese teaching studies, foreign affairs, tourism, translation or interpreting and IT business. When it comes to the…

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  • The Importance Of Teaching Lessons In The English Language Arts?

    When providing lessons in English Language Arts, teachers should include activities that encourage verbal collaborations, reading, and writing aspects. Moreover, these should be done with accommodations for any student with English language barriers based off of individual skills levels (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). Using Speaking / listening, reading, and writing activities in lessons is important, because they are all forms of producing and processing information with language; which would…

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  • Comprehensibility In Oral English Case Study

    Accentedness and Judgments of Language Learner Proficiency in Oral English. The Modern Language Journal, 94(4), 554–566. 2. What was the researcher 's purpose in conducting this study? The aim of this study was to examine oral proficiency and comprehensibility in nonnative speakers of English using suprasegmental features of accentedness. 3. What were the hypotheses/research questions? a. Would computerized analysis of the suprasegmental factors show similar results to the one that relied…

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  • Chinese Interlanguage Pragmatics

    2005) of requests from L2 learners with different language levels. Burgeoning interests in interlanguage pragmatic development in recent years have resulted in the investigation of the relationship between second language proficiency and the sequence organization when making requests (Al-Gahtani & Roever, 2011). However, the participants of the related studies are mostly English L2 learners with Arabic background and Arabic L2 learners with English background. There is little research focusing…

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  • Research Paper On Mother Tongue

    The world is formed of diverse languages which all have one purpose, to allow one individual to communicate with another. People have altered the way language should be interpreted by associating a language with a personality. As people continue to adapt to these changes, it will soon become the cultural norm. A norm that says people are to be judged based on their language and, not their personality. Sociolinguistics have proven that society has developed a norm which illustrates the way a…

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  • Case Study: English Language Learners

    enrolled in the district, roughly 13,000 were identified as English Language Learners (ELL), 9.8% of the district’s population. The School District of Philadelphia’s ELL students are identified through the district’s…

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  • L2 V. L1 Use Of Synonymy An Empirical Study Of Synonym Acquisition Summary

    ARTICLE REVIEWED Applied Linguistics 2016: 37/2: 239–261 Oxford University Press 2014 doi:10.1093/applin/amu022 Advance Access published on 23 June 2014 “L2 vs. L1 Use of Synonymy: An Empirical Study of Synonym Use/Acquisition” Dilin Liu1, and Shouman Zhong2 The article,” L2 vs. L1 Use of Synonymy: An Empirical Study of Synonym Use/Acquisition” by Dilin Liu and Shouman Zhong seeks to examine the use of four sets of synonyms by Chinese second language learners and native speakers of English…

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  • The Development Of L2 Fluency During Study Abroad Case Study

    Research Summary Assignment The article titled “The Development of L2 Fluency During Study Abroad: A Cross-Language Study”, reports on a study conducted by Francesca Di Silvio, Wenhao Diao, and Anne Donovan. Published in The Modern Language Journal in 2016, this quantitative research investigated on different aspects regarding learners’ improvement in fluency and holistic proficiency after a semester abroad. Research Questions In this study, the authors addressed three research questions…

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  • Club Campus Language Connection Analysis

    she and Jack worked hard to establish a new method of language learning for Northwestern students. The club, Campus Language Connection, is the McCarter’s second foray into creating a language organization. This new group joins native speakers of a language with those who hope to learn that language. CLC aims to help students not only become competent in a foreign language, but to build a unique community of students that appreciate cultures in a way that cannot normal classes cannot teach.…

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  • Kindergarten Mixed SEI Classroom

    Class Demographics The unit on the seasons was taught to a Kindergarten Mixed SEI classroom. The class has 10 designated ELL students that are all Pre-Emergent in proficiency. The other 10 students in the class are native English speakers. The class is designated through the state of Arizona as Mixed SEI to aid the ELL students in developing their English proficiency. Lesson One Lesson one was an introduction to the season of the year. The TESOL goal for this lesson was Goal 2, Standard 2;…

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