The Importance Of Teaching Lessons In The English Language Arts?

When providing lessons in English Language Arts, teachers should include activities that encourage verbal collaborations, reading, and writing aspects. Moreover, these should be done with accommodations for any student with English language barriers based off of individual skills levels (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). Using Speaking / listening, reading, and writing activities in lessons is important, because they are all forms of producing and processing information with language; which would cater to any learning styles or skill levels students may have.
Classroom discussions give students the chance to share their thoughts or voice their concerns about topics orally; while also giving students the opportunity to absorb information by listening;
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Furthermore, this also give the teacher a visual tool for assessing a student’s progression while developing the skills needed to meet the goals set by goals and standards (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). Every student in school has to learn how to write according to the standards. Moreover, they all start at a low skill level and work their way up to being proficient. However, English language learners may need additional assistance depending on their English language proficiency (Diaz-Rico, 2013). Some students may not be able to fully express their knowledge due a lacking in understanding of English language sentence structure or word use. Teachers should be sure to provide written assignments based off of students abilities (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013).
Combining writing, reading, listening and speech in lessons provides a well-rounded understanding of topics. Moreover, some students have low skill levels in one area, but strengths in others (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). By combining these forms of the English language, the student can not only used those strengths to complete their work, but also build skills in areas of weakness (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). One type of English Language Arts assignment is to read a book and write a book report on
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In this kind of assignment would place students in groups to read a book and write the report. The book could be read aloud by the teacher, one group member or group members can take turns (depending on student’s abilities), while everyone else follows along. This covers reading and listening. The students could then take time to discuss and fill out a report together on either their own paper or on a collaborated paper. A collaborated paper would give each student a chance to fill out one part, limiting the amount of writing each student would have to do. On the other hand, working on a group to fill out their own paper would give students a chance to practice writing standards more with the ability to use the group to help them. This can be done by either looking at others’ papers as an example or having the group guide each other through each part. Moreover, this assignment allows all students to participate and contribute in assignments regardless of their skill levels or English language proficiency, creating education equality (Diaz-Rico,

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