The Importance Of Language Assessment

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Introduction Assessment is the topic of domain four. It is significance that teachers should include an assessment criteria in their lesson plans. It is so because it reflects a real picture about students’ understanding and, in addition to that, it gives the teachers an authentic result which measures their teaching methods aptitudes inside classrooms. Thus, I am inquisitively wondering: what is assessment? Why is it important? How to do assessment? I find that assessment is defined by many scholars and all definitions involved students’ productions, teaching method efficiency and finding solutions for better outcomes. For instance, Huba and Freed 2000 states that assessment is a way of collecting …show more content…
The assignment symbolizes component 4.B language proficiency assessment for ESL, and element 4. B .1. Understand and implement national and state requirement for identification, reclassification, and exit of ELL students from language support programs. It was titled some of the ways that English language as a foreign language is assessed. First of all, there are some factors should be considered when placing ELLs. Being not proficient students in English language does not mean that they do not have the ability to think, learn or achieve content area; but it might mean that, as beginners, they have the same or high grade level setting from their mother tongue language (Melissa Moe, 2006). Hence, before placing new ELLs we should investigate if the students have studied in America or not. Furthermore, their first language and English should be evaluated to a certain proficiency level. On the other hand, teachers should know how to use efficient strategy in teaching ELLs and have the ability to deal with students from various levels of English language

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