Robert Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model

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Robert Marzano is known as leading educational researcher and an author of more than 40 books and 150 articles. The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model was designed using thousands of studies conducted over the past five or more decades, and published in books that have been widely used by K–12 educators. His focused teacher evaluation model is influenced by the work of cognitive psychologist Anders Erikson. According to him, individuals can improve when they have clear goals and expert feedback. Instructional elements are correlated with students’ achievements. Student achievement will not improve unless teaching improves Teachers working alone without feedback will not be able to improve no matter how much Professional development they receive. …show more content…
This is teacher friendly model and step by step approach for observation to improve inter-rater reliability. Moreover, evaluation factor focuses the teacher use of instructional strategies and students’ learning is also monitored. He also designed an evaluation tool to measure the success of highly effective teachers. According to Marzano, effective teachers set their goals before teaching. They have clear understanding about teaching methodologies according to students’ needs. Teachers give feedback to students for further improvement. He also suggests that teachers should help students when they are learning new information by chunking smaller sections and then checking for understanding, using media, making predictions, and responding in writing. In this way, more students will retain the knowledge for longer period. This model also improves accuracy of scoring. Furthermore, this scoring criterion helps to support teacher growth and improve fairness. Meaningful teacher evaluation involves an accurate appraisal of the effectiveness of teaching, its strengths and areas for development, followed by feedback, coaching, support and opportunities for professional

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