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  • Moral Dilemmas In Siddhartha

    Growing up is an essential part of humans’ lives. Yet, one could state that it is the decisions and their impacts, which reveal people’s inner selves as well as make them who they ultimately are meant to be. To understand Siddhartha, one should continually be aware of the process of synthesis, which stands for a mental process of reconciling dualities of antithetical elements. Hermann Hesse, the author of the mentioned book, was aware of this process of unifying opposites, which is evident in…

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  • Theme Of Syntax In The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

    There are multiple things needed for a relationship to grow and strive. Hope is one of the most important virtues that keeps a relationship going. In the Road by Cormac McCarthy, hope, rather its gained or lost, is a continuous theme that is needed to survive in the author’s world. In this book a man and his son are traveling across America in a post-apocalyptic era trying to get to their final destination, the coast. During their journey they have many dangerous encounters with blood-thirsty…

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  • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Habit 3 Analysis

    our focus on results instead of methods and instead of on people, on the problems. It is important to note that in the nature of win/win, it cannot survive in an environment of competition. Lastly it is important to think win/win is the habit of interpersonal leadership. The more our character is genuine, the higher our level of proactivity and the better our influence will…

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  • The Tragic Hero: Bo Jackson As An Epic Hero

    Being considered an epic hero requires exceeding in lots of different aspects of life. Strength, humility, likeability; the list could go on and on. Very few people, especially in today’s world, are able to have the perfect combination of all of these attributes. Bo Jackson is an epic hero because of all the challenges he faced, he has incredible strength, and was one of the most humble athletes of his time. While Bo was very naturally gifted, there were times where it seemed like all the odds…

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  • Case Study: The GM Culture Crisis

    Milestone One of OL-342 was designed to introduce the case study: The GM Culture Crisis: What Leaders Must Learn From This Culture Case Study and begin a critical analysis using what we have learned in this course at the time. Specifically, the focus was on culture crisis. I find it very hard to provide a brief summary on this case study with all that has gone on, but here is a high-level summary on Milestone One and what I thought when analyzing this case study on GM and answering the questions…

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  • Short Essay: Are You A Smart Traveler?

    Are you a Smart Traveller? There is a saying which goes, ‘Everyone can work hard but only a few people can work smart.’ It is also true when it comes to travelling. People may travel all over the world or travel local. The experience it provides differs across people and the places they visit. Apart from using a common sense approach, which may not always be enough, you may want to keep yourself on your toes even though you think otherwise. I’m not trying to scare you here. What I am going to…

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  • Importance Of Success In Life

    A successful person should have in his life is a goal. All of us want to be a successful, but we should know that nothing comes easy. In order to be a successful person we spend our lives chasing, we first need to know what our goals are. Once that is done, it’s time to start thinking about how to complete them. I spent many years of my life requesting success before I understood that success is not a goal that one can set for himself, it is an outcome of completing the goal. Through the last…

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  • The Importance Of Motivation In Human Learning

    Another salient issue to be considered is scaffolding whereby adult control those elements of the task that are essentially beyond the learner's capacity, thus permitting him to concentrate upon and complete only those elements that are within his range of competence. (Ross, 1976). Per se, it also strengthens Dewey’s notion of ‘directed living’ that students should draw from real life situations and engage in creativity and collaboration. This approach is more learner centered where learner…

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  • Reflection Of The Practicum Experience

    Journal Eight Upon completion of week eight of the practicum experience, I have considered the skills that have been mastered and have identified areas of needed growth. This week's journal will describe the achieved goals and areas that require continued growth. As I have progressed through the practicum experience, I am beginning to become more confident in the assessment of patients and the development of differentials. This reflection can help identify areas that will need further…

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  • Diverse Learner Reflection

    stood out to me was his high level of learning agility. He came to our tutorial sessions each week eager to learn a new skill. His raw aptitude coupled with his positive attitude made each session a new adventure for him as he learned to use the calculator. His self-awareness, openness to learn new skills, motivation, and ability to apply previously taught calculator skills to new problems allowed Leslie to excel at each tutorial session. The only learning weakness I ever observed while…

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