Final Reflection Review: The Importance Of Learning In The Classroom

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Final Reflection Review
During the duration of this course I have received numerous amounts of information related to how the brain learns and instructional methods that increase the brain’s ability to absorb information. As an educator, it is important that the instructor is fluent in the subject area in which they instruct students. In order to become an effective educator one must indulge themselves in material related to the subject area through developing a clear understanding of the material. Most importantly, the instructor must understand that only the material but how to best instruct the material in a manner in which the student can effectively absorb. The foundation of learning begins with understanding how the brain learns and
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The brain learns to read through understanding, visual processing, and auditory processing. When an individual is learning to read, they will ask themselves is there an understanding of what I see, what does it look like, and how does it sound to determine what they are reading. Phonological awareness is one of the first aspects an individual learns following birth, which is related to recognizing oral language heard in an occupied area. In addition, the vocabulary they are exposed to will have a major impact on how well they read based on the exposure of words they receive at a young age (Sousa, 2014). The degree to which children experience literacy at home determines whether they begin school not just able to learn to read, but are also ready to learn to read (Sousa, 2011). The more exposer a student or young learner has to words on and over their grade level the more improvements will be made in their reading abilities. For teachers, helping expose students to more words through reading verbally to students and defining words to provide meaning are some key factors in helping students improve their reading abilities. The impact of arts on student learning and behavior is another important concept on improving how well a student learns. Areas such as listening, creating, and reading music along with drawing and utilizing hands to create art are some of the areas that research has determined help students learn rapidly. Students that are able to listen to music in addition to learning material have a higher ability to improve the short-term memories due to the therapeutic effects on the brain in comparison to students that do not listen to music (Brewer, 1995). Also

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