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  • The Famous Kardashian Research Paper

    physical trend is not considered a cultural phenomenon however the process of how it became popular is considered so. For example, the Kardashians; who are they and what are they actually known for? It is a family of Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner who are well off with each of their individual successes and always seem…

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  • How Does Fear Affect Society

    they rule over, ignoring the fact that the use of fear weakens the government. During the time of colonial America, the leaders of Salem intimidated the people of Salem into following their orders, similar to how McCarthy controlled America and how Kim Jong-Un has ruled over communist North Korea. Although critics argue that fear helps leaders govern, it actually weakens a government because leaders generate hysteria through their beliefs and actions, promote injustice, and lose sight of…

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  • Role Of Censorship In North Korea

    Jordan Guthrie Ms. Garrett English 12 4 Feb 16 Why Censor Religion in North Korea and China? Censorship is a hard thing to explain and why people would censor religion is just crazy. Certain countries will censor everything and not let them use the internet or talk to people outside of their country to learn about, or even hear about things going on in the world. North Korea will not let people who live there use the internet, because they do not want people who live there to find out how…

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  • Cultural Awareness Of Korea

    Cultural Awareness Today’s world is very diverse, and there are many cultures in it. According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of culture is; “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” (Merriam). It all depends on where you live that determines which one you are a part of. Culture is something you are not born with; it is something you learn growing up from your family. It passes on from generation to generation. The way you act, talk, eat…

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  • A Growing Threat Document Analysis

    document. The government told us not to print the story on regime tensions, lest that lead to a purge in North Korea that could eliminate key sources of information, or incite regional instability. This document deals in detail of tensions between Kim Jung Un and the North Korean military. I recommend suppressing the document since the extent to which the tension is true remains unclear. Publishing the document will lead to unnecessary purge and violence in North Korea. Also, it can worsen the…

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  • North Korea As A World Food Programme (WFP)

    all it takes to aid this situation. The potential risks involved are North Korea are prepared to go on war with different countries just to defend their existing system. The North Korean news media (Korean Central News Agency) which is founded by Kim Jong Un has shut down its website and the countries television stream has stopped. This is very risky as we do not know what has happened. It could be propaganda tactics being used by the country as they have been known to do so or it could be in…

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  • The Korean War: The Involvement Of The United States

    The Korean War was “fought mutually for unknown and incommensurable(if not incomprehensible) goals “(Cummings.205) by the 2 most important sides, North Korea and the US together with the UN. Kim Il Sung decided to attack the south for several reasons and even though he risked the possibilities of the intervention of the U.S (which occurred), he downplayed its importance because he thought that his allies both Stalin (USSR) and Mao (Communist China) could and would take care of the U.S…

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  • Tensho Shobun Analysis

    Tensho Shobun was an artist that was friends with a great line of artists during this period, including Josetsu and Sesshu. He became very familiar with the Ma-Xia style and used this strong Korean influenced in this works. His ax-cut rocks are influenced by Ma Yuan and his trees are of those of Xia Gui. The Song Dynasty inspired many works in this period and contain many of the similar attributes. The use of mistiness is incorporated throughout this screen as well as far away mountains. The use…

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  • Nature Of The Korean War

    The main objective of this essay is to answer the research question ”To what extent did the involvement of foreign countries affected the nature of the Korean War ”. In order to understand how the foreign involvement affected the characteristics of the Korean War it´s important to comprehend the origins and causes of the Korean War, background research has been made in order to familiarize with the topic and gain a general idea of the topic. For example, the actions taken by Syngman Rhee of…

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  • North Korea Case Study Of Kim Jong-Un

    North Korea immediate sparks concerns by hearing its very name or whispers about the nation with enduring concerns. Kim Jong-un is known as the youngest son of Kim Jong-il and the grandson to many of North Korea previous oppressors or dictators. United Nations security council has try varies times to come up with peaceful resolutions to negation with North Korea, however their nuclear activities have lead them to be condemned in worldwide discussions. There has been special international…

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