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  • American Women's Roles In North Korea

    and do the housework again. In the 1945-1950, people in North Korea were participated in the collectives, so women also have to attend the meeting of the collective after finish doing the housework. Their long day does not finish until 11:00 pm (S. Kim 129). Though this book, it is clear that women have to do so many things in a day and they do not have free time. This is the reason why women face to the double burden. Double burden is the situation for women that women work both inside the…

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  • Censorship In North Korea Essay

    “Censorship is the control of what people may say, hear, write, read, see, or do.” Various types of information can be censored either by the government or private groups. Censorship is a common issue around the world. With many types and reasons for censorship, censorship is the prohibition of anything that is considered obscene in a country. Most motivations for censorship can be for the benefit of a nation, government, or the ruler themselves. In North Korea, there is plenty of things that…

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  • Corruption In North Korea

    women are also malnourished.” Kim Jong-Un currently rules this totalitarian state. He became the leader after his father, Kim Jong-Il, died in 2011. Much of Kim Jong-Un’s life is left a mystery, including his date of birth and early childhood. His mother, Ko Yuong-Hee was an opera singer. He has an older brother named Kim Jong-chol and a half-brother names Kim Jong-nam. In May 2001 his half-brother was deported from Japan. Kim Jong-un is Swiss-educated and attended Kim il-sung Military…

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  • A Humorous Letter

    this letter may not find you well. I was recently reading an article called North Korea’s military policies are irrational by Ralph Toledano, and it talks about the disagreements, and even the irrational thinking of the glorious leader Kim Jong Il. It speaks how “Even Kim Jong Il’s wildest successes can make his country no more than a thorn in the side of the east and west, a nation-sized suicide bomber.” This is disheartening to hear, because I believe we could do so much more if we could work…

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  • Songbun Book Review

    citizens live much differently compared to western civilization. North Korean citizens live through widespread hunger with little to no help from their government. On the contrary, the government forces propaganda into their citizen’s minds giving the Kim leader a god like status, all while enforcing strict laws alongside cruel punishments. Socioeconomic status, region, and different demographics including loyalty to the supreme leader place citizens into their level of the caste system. The…

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  • Role Of Oppression In North Korea

    incident, an American tourist took down a propaganda poster as a “trophy”. This was an act that would normally incur a minor punishment from a government like the United States. In North Korea, this crime is a different story. According to Hyung-Jin Kim, “This tourist has now been sentenced to a fifteen year prison sentence, with hard labor for subversion”(1). Many countries now have some sort of issue with North Korea. One state that has many more than just one issue with North Korea is…

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  • North Korea's Power In The Book 1984 By George Orwell

    North Korea and its leader Kim Jung Un are a society of very overwhelming power. The citizens bow down to their leader and give him the power over themselves and their lives. North Korea also has prison camps that they send people who disobeyed them off to. At these camps there are distortions of thoughts that the government forces onto the people. They do this because they think that everyone should only believe in what they tell them. In George Orwell’s 1984 he predicts of what he believes the…

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  • Schwartz's Value Types: Case Study

    with what it means to be a great country. Power is a value of North Korea in part because the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un will do anything to stay in power. Examples of this include, Kim Jong Un having his Uncle executed for not agreeing with his ideas, putting North Koreans in labor camps for trying to escape/defect from North Korea or say negative things about the “Great Leader” Kim Jong Un.…

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  • Essay On Comfort Women

    Have anyone ever imagined themselves to kidnap by someone who do not know and cannot see their family for entire life? Isn’t that horrible to think about it? However, this incident was actually happening in South Korea. This case deals with gruesome people, people who do not know anything, and people who are afraid. Comfort women, is it familiar? Although that name would not be usual, it is no exaggeration to say that the comfort women are ‘pain’ in Korea. This incident gave many people physical…

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  • Why Do North And South Korea Reunite

    Research Paper 1- Will North and South Korea ever Reunite When most people think about North and South Korea, they think of two nations that will never be able to reconcile and be able to reunite, two nations that have been at each other’s throats for a long time. I am one of those people. In my opinion there are many reasons why they will not be able to reunite as one nation again. The first reason why I believe that these two very different nations will not be able reunite with each other…

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