Analysis Of Kim Kardashian

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For a celebrity in the public eye, there is a public image one attains and how the audience perceives the celebrity to be which is known as a star text (Jackson, 2016). While it is hard to step away from how the audience views the individual, some celebrities go through transformations to change their star text or public image intentionally to be viewed in a different light. The year 2014 was a break through for the now global sensation Kim Kardashian (Wong, 2016). Once known as a talentless reality TV star that gained fame not through her talents but rather for her connections as Paris Hilton’s assistant,her lawyer father in the OJ Simpson’s case and her infamous tape, Kim Kardashian has made a full transformation of her image to a now “powerful …show more content…
In 2014, Kim’s success and popularity shot through the roof. The accumulations of business ideas and building connections have exploded her power and standpoint in society with the success of her mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood which was launched in June 2014 (Robehmed, 2016). Forbes magazine stated that her business success is what capitalized her fame despite her growing popularity with her TV show (Wong, 2016). The game did tremendously well with 4 million downloads that made 160 million in revenue changing the gaming industry (Robehmed, 2016). Because of her successful app, Kim caught the attention of the public once more to stay relevant and have the public interested in her, which has been stated she must now be given credit for due to the fact that media neglects her entrepreneurship (Wong, 2016). Only, this time around, Kim didn’t gain popularity through someone else but herself and from her own creation. She began to have multiple endorsements for clothing lines, make up brands and perfumes expanding her fan base and leaving an impression for her audience (Marks, 2016). But the epitome of it all was when she “broke the internet” in November 2014 (Page, 2015). Kim Kardashian became world famous with her controversial yet appreciated pictorial for Paper Magazine (Page, 2015). She caught everyone’s eye and increased the attention she was getting which resulted in the higher number of fans and followers from all over the world. She became a sensation and earned the title as a savvy intelligent entrepreneur and social media queen with 48.1 million followers on Twitter and 80 million on Instagram (Malla, 2016 ). By the end of 2014, Kim Kardashian became a household name. She took the opportunities she received back in 2007 and

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