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  • Kim Jong-Un: An Analysis

    exception, with countless numbers of cruel dictators. The government in North Korea pervades all aspects of civilian life. With most of Korean citizens starved and improvised; the bitter hatred toward the US still remains. North Korea’s current dictator, Kim Jong-un began his reign on March 2014 to current day. On September 15, 2015 he states he is ready to use nuclear weapons against the United States and other…

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  • Political, Social And Economic Assessment Of North Korea

    Failed States index (FSI) uses a number of political, social and economic indicators to evaluate a state’s fragility, with North Korea satisfying majority of the indicators. Using these indicators, it demonstrates that North Korea is a failed state. Firstly, the economic assessment of North Korea is described as scepticism. North Korea does not release official economic data. However, based on the Congressional Research Service (CRS) findings in 2015, they suggested that DPRK had experienced a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Team Worker

    1. Tell us about yourself. I am a great team worker a hard worker who is passionate about what I do. I grew up in a family of 5, with an older sister and a younger brother; I had many opportunities to work with a team. Thus, I have known the importance of hearing other people’s opinions and sharing responsibilities since I was young. In my high school, I have been involved as a member of S.H.O.W (Students Helping Our World). In the club S.H.O.W, I was always engaged in the conversation. This…

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  • South Korea Compare And Contrast

    correspond, South Korea has carried out annual military drills and in 2016, the largest ever US- South Korea military drills have been exercised to act as a warning to Pyongyang, North Korea. It was also the first time stimulate scenarios that the regime of Kim Jong-un, has…

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  • Persuasive Essay On North Korea

    to the US via the peninsula. However, North Korea continues its pursuit of its nuclear program and the continued hostilities towards South Korea and Japan. This coupled with their inhumane treatment of their own citizen’s keeps North Korea and the Kim Regime on a list of countries that pose a grave threat to the global arena. A unified peninsula has been expressed by their brothers to the south however, the Regime will only agree to such…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Korean War

    I was surprised. I couldn’t think straight. All that was going through my mind was that I must go, I have to go because there are people out there who need help. I remember hearing through the news that North Korea and South Korea were in a civil war, as they were opposed to each other’s regulations and ideas. The United Nations which included my country, Canada was stepping in to help, due to South Korea being its responsibility. Along with them came the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic…

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  • The Producer

    by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg brought a lot of attention and became a huge controversy internationally. The plot focuses on two men, who were producer and host of a celebrity show, who landed an exclusive interview with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Knowing that, the CIA contacted them and gave them a mission to assassinate the North Korean dictator. When the trailers were out, the North Korean government was not happy, and they threatened the U.S with “merciless…

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  • Donald Trump Informative Speech

    “Good evening! This is James Bunn with the latest news across the world. From Donald Trump’s Travel Ban to the importance of the 1965 Voting Act, we have a lot to go over.” “First, the Travel Ban. This conveserial bill was created by the newly elect Donald Trump to prevent terrorist and illegal immigrants from coming into our country. He argues that by preventing these certain Middle Eastern countries from traveling to America, he is preventing terrorism from reaching the shores of America. Our…

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  • Modern Technology In 1984 George Orwell

    The government is currently tracking our movements through surveillance and using modern technology to profile and record citizens. Our bureaucracy is using technology such as CCTV’s(closed circuit television) to track our behavior in real life and manipulating social media in order to to track our movements on the internet. This constant surveying is similar to the paranoid world of 1984. Author George Orwell expressed his worry for what the world will become in his classic novel, 1984. In the…

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  • Dai Jin's 'Huike Offering His Arm To Bodhidharma'

    The Path To Enlightenment There are several legends that depict different scenes for the famed Bodhidharma and Huike. One of those is the story of Huike cutting off his arm. The paintings from Dai Jin and Sesshu ultimately show this story, with Sesshu’s painting similarly named “Huike Offering His Arm To Bodhidharma.” The story is fairly simple; Huike wanted to become truly enlightened and went on a journey to find someone to enlighten and teach him, Bodhidharma. Initially, Huike waited in the…

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