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  • Personal Narrative: The Walking Dead

    It was a clear Saturday night, full of excitement and anticipation. Two teenage brothers, Chip and Zander, were headed to one of the biggest Halloween parties in the county. Chip dressed up as a mechanic, and Zander went as a zombie based from the television show, The Walking Dead. Their mother had given them strict instructions to be home by midnight as she wanted to ensure they would make it home safe before the night became too crazy. Even though the boys were having a great time dancing,…

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  • Machelling's Theory Of Coercion

    According to Thomas C. Schelling, the thing that sets coercion apart from mere brute force is diplomacy. It is the difference between the unilateral, “undiplomatic” recourse to strength, and the coercive diplomacy based on the power to hurt. (Schelling, 3) In other words, brute force is simply taking what you want, whereas coercion is making your enemy either want to give it to you, or have no other choice but to give it to you. Another unique factor of coercive diplomacy is that, unlike brute…

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  • Cause Of The Korean War Essay

    In 1950, the Korean War began as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea, invaded the Republic of Korea in the south across the 38th parallel. Shortly after the start of the war, American and United Nations (U.N.) troops joined the battle and fought alongside South Korea. Correspondingly, General Douglas MacArthur had been named commander of the U.N. forces by the United Nations Security Council. Both President Harry Truman and General MacArthur acknowledged the significance of…

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  • An Analysis Of Douglas Macarthur's Involvement From The Korean War

    Research Question: Analyse Douglas MacArthur’s involvement in and subsequent dismissal from the Korean War on the outcome of the war. The Korean War lasted between 1950-1953, and was fought between the communists and non-communists during the Cold War. Increasing tensions between North and South Korea initiated the war, resulting in the former invading the latter on 25 June 1950. Other countries soon became involved. The U.S. declared its decision to join the war in support of South Korea two…

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  • The Importance Of Living Conditions In North Korea

    medical equipment. Most people are being brain wash by their leader, therefore they were afraid to speak their own mind. Due to being brain wash, they think every benefit they receive as a scope of rice, wound getting heal is because of their leader Kim Jong-un. For this reason, this could be another strategic to control their missile plan, is internal dissention. We can show North Korea citizen how terrify their living situation is, and let them realize that. For example, we can accept citizen…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To South Korea

    On the 16th day of November, I had left the comforts of my hometown of Denver to begin the journey to South Korea. In this journey I was fortunate to learn and study about the Korean criminal justice system and the strong culture they value. After a long 16 hour flight I had finally arrived in Incheon Korea. After waiting for the bus, and the check in at the hotel I was ready to explore Korea until my classmate arrived. When the whole class arrived the following day, I was eager to get out and…

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  • Greed In North Korea

    half at the 38th Parallel. Russia would take the northern half and the United States would take the southern half. “In 1948, when the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was established, Kim Il-Sung became the first premier of the North Korean communist regime.” (Encyclopidia Britanica , 2014). At first Kim Il-Sung would follow his Russian supports in a communist regime, soon though his leadership would change from being Pro-Russian to Pro-Chinese to finally self reliant. Joche or self…

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  • Propaganda Game And 1984 Comparison

    so to speak, precautionary” (Orwell 212). In other words, the changing of the past and present is just there as a backup plan for if people were to start to question The party for any reason. Now in North Korea falsification is more to delineate the Kim Jong-Un’s so called good. Some examples would be North Korea faking the world cup, lying about who won past wars, and lying about the creator of certain inventions. All this work is put in to make King Jong-Un and the government seem like the…

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  • Welcome To Dongmakgol Movie Analysis

    I generally do not watch war movies; simply because they are too gory and I find them uninteresting. However Welcome to Dongmakgol is a different story. During the Korean war three north Korean and 2 south Korean soldiers accidently cross paths in a village called Dongmakol. They start out as enemies and end up as friends with the help of the villagers. Cliché as it sounds Welcome to Dongmakgol is a breath of fresh air, it is a present filled with humor, friendship, innocence and wrapped and…

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  • Government In North Korea

    The country has been in a Communist one-man dictatorship since Kim Il Sung established the country with the help of Joseph Stalin on September 9th 1948. Throughout its history, one family, the Kim family, has been the only ones to rule North Korea. The majority political party is the Korean Workers Party and the two minority parties are the Chondoist Chongu Party and the Social…

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