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  • North Korea Soviet Influence

    What became of the Soviet Union? Once, it was America’s greatest opponent in the arms and space race: the iconic communistic government. Nonetheless, in time, the Soviet Union crumbled but not without leaving behind a legacy. One of its main legacies was the creation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea. Named the Hermetic State, it stands as one of the few totalitarian countries today. However, the current regime in North Korea would not have come to life had there been…

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  • James Dresnok Crossing The Line Analysis

    “For the people, of the people, by the people.” These words were uttered by American Pfc. James Dresnok, who is the main speaker of this film. Crossing the Line is a documentary that follows 4 western defectors who lived in communists North Korea. All of these men, to my surprise had entered into North Korea willingly and were not captured or necessarily prisoners of war. They had all abandoned there posts and went to North Korea for a variety of reasons, even they can’t explain the exacts…

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  • Kim Jong Un Pros And Cons

    requires us to take actions that generate controversy.” (Dick Cheney) Ever Since Kim Jong Il’s death in 2011 his son, Kim Jong Un, has taken over power in North Korea. The United States has demanded them to get rid of their Nuclear program and also demanded the respect and safety that United States and other countries deserve. Kim Jong Un has not listened and has continued to strengthen and develop their program. Kim Jong Un became marshal when his father died. Marshal is the highest ranking…

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  • Escape From Camp 14 Book Report

    The biography “Escape from Camp 14” explains the life of Shin Dogn-hyuk. Shin was born into the North Korean Concentration Camp, Camp 14. Shin spent much of his life in the camp, raised to be an animal, and fighting for his own survival. The biography written by Blaine Harden depicts the cruelty and unfathomable events that make up Shins’ young life. As graphic as the novel is, it is still a New York Times Bestseller. “A gripping story, unsparingly told” is how Bill Keller from the New York…

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  • North Korea Education System

    North Korea is not a place that most people really know about; they are a very closed-off country and are very secretive. Up until recently, many people didn’t even know of what North Korea is capable of. Recently, the production of the movie “The Interview”, has sparked much conflict between the company Sony and North Korea. The country is of violence, neglect, and power-hungry dictators. No one really knows the truth about North Korea, but what they do know is that North Korea is a country…

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  • Analysis Of Barbara Demick's Nothing To Envy: Ordinary Lives In North Korea

    by Barbara Demick is a unique heartrending book based on the experiences of six North Koreans or defectors over the course of fifteen years. Over the course of this time, the defectors she chose to interview experienced the death of Kim II-Sung, the rise of his son Kim Jong-II to power, and a demoralizing scarcity that was responsible for the deaths of millions. Demick expresses their mental state, coping strategies, daily experiences, and their way of escaping. Demick’s purpose in sharing…

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  • Destruction In South Korea Research Paper

    Destruction; the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired. Destruction is overtaking the lives of innocent people by inhuman acts. The majority of people in today’s worldly society are suffering from laws that seize to exist. Their needs to be a change in the acts of gruesome people, and if I had a chance to create three rules, it would benefit everybody. I would stop pregnant women from smoking, unite North and South Korea and…

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  • Manipulation In Animal Farm

    Animal Farm In the world the media is controlled primarily by the government or someone with immense wealth. These same people can manipulate the media to say what they want. The power of manipulation can control those that do not question it. This power over the media has great power over the gullible. This power can also control people that are afraid to say anything. There are also people that know what the media are doing but are too apathetic to do anything. A great example of media…

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  • The Great Dictator Movie Analysis

    that The Interview brings by pushing limits and not being afraid to depict Kim Jong Un in a negative way. The film even caused Seth Rogen and James Franco to come to the attention of North Korea. They even tried to get the film banned. The biggest difference is that the comedic aspect was allowed to go even further today than ever before. Today, people are more accepting of ridiculous forms of humiliation. For example, Kim Jong Un was initially depicted as this almighty dictator who was so above…

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  • Poplar Trimming Incident Essay

    In a personal message conveyed by an ambassador, Kim Il Sung called the poplar tree incident “regretful” and said that future incidents like it ought to be avoided (qtd. in Oberdorfer and Carlin 160). The U.S. and South Korea decided to accept the message, even though it did not apologize, on the grounds that a statement of regret was better than a reignited war (Lee 80). Kim also agreed to an American proposal to formally divide the JSA to prevent future clashes…

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