Indigenous Australians

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  • Age Standardization Of Indigenous Australians

    century the Indigenous Australians faced a lot of issues like health, education, unemployment, poverty and crime. Initially these people faced identity problems and the children of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were forcibly removed from their families by the federal and State government till 1970. Age standardisation was used when they compared Indigenous and non-Indigenous Austrians because the population of the Indigenous Austrians was much younger than the non-Indigenous…

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  • Reflective Essay On Aboriginal Culture

    non-indigenous Australians. My cultural identity and perceived place in Australian society have presented hardships and challenges such as racism and discrimination - inherent prejudices or preconceived ideas regarding Australia 's indigenous people, access to health and welfare services, unemployment and substance addiction. My story is one of hardship but also one of triumph - I am a survivor. As with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, I am afflicted with diabetes. The Australian…

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  • Aboriginal Mental Health Case Study

    Introduction Aboriginal people are culturally diverse with a substantial and convincing history. The Aboriginal Australians had an impact of colonisation, legislation and the stolen generation which has created a major hardship for them. These problems are continuing today with an impact on Aboriginal people and their mental health. As a result, of the impact of their history, problems such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression are becoming more ordinary in Aboriginal…

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  • 1967 Referendum In Australia

    approved relating to the only two discriminatory laws included in the Australian constitution. This referendum altered the balance of the inequity intended for to the aboriginals which strictly was a vote on the alteration of the constitution. Although, this referendum did give the indigenous Australians or Torres Strait Islanders the right to vote. This was a major endorsement, seeing the highest YES vote recorded in Australian…

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  • Essay On Aboriginal Land Rights

    racial inequality events of all time and Indigenous Australians have continued to fight for their land ever since.The first Aboriginal political organisation was formed in the 1920’s. Two of the most well known aboriginal organisations would be the Australian Aborigines League (AAL) and the Aborigines ' Progressive Association (APA). These organisations played a massive role in the movement for Indigenous Australian rights. As many of these Indigenous Australians fought for what they believed…

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  • Indigenous Intelligence And Cognitive Analysis

    underlying factor of intelligence it can become a problematic issue when assessing Indigenous Australians. Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory, along with Charles Spearman’s g factor theory and Lewis Terman Standford-Binet scales are all underlying theories which all address the same issues in the accuracy of assessments. Literature suggest that language, literacy skills, education and cultural norms across Western and Indigenous culture differ which can result in an inaccuracy of…

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  • Potential Effects Of Learning And Development

    Potential effects of Learning and Development It was found that including cross- curriculum priorities (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures) would help to narrow the Indigenous gap. However, there can be many potential effects, of narrowing the gap through the introduction of cross-curriculum priorities, in relation to children’s learning and development. By including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, students can improve their knowledge about…

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  • Indigenous Education

    Education for the majority of Indigenous students is a daily struggle. The author has discovered that literacy in particular is difficult for Indigenous students to comprehend. Harrison and Sellwood (2016) points out, average literacy scores for Indigenous students are much lower than that of Australian students as a whole. The author believes educators are faced with the challenge to adjust their strategies to help increase the literacy levels of Indigenous students. Ordinary teaching practices…

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  • Reconciliation In Australia

    with regards to a national examination on the reconciliation of Indigenous Australians, the major religious traditions in Australia have all contributed to the area of Aboriginal welfare and acknowledged the adversity and maltreatment they have endured at the hands of white culture. For example, Christian churches and the Islamic councils have played an integral part in the long process of reconciliation with Indigenous Australians since the recognition of Aboriginal mistreatment post WW2.…

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  • Rudd's Speech To The Stolen Generations

    campaign. As promised, once he was elected, an apology was made to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders affected by the Stolen Generations. Mr Rudd’s aim was to close the gap between Aboriginals and white Australians, meaning that they will no longer be segregated within Australian society and would have equal rights. His speech stated that he wanted ‘to close the gap that lies between us…

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