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  • Joseph Boyden's The True Tragedy Of Attawapiskat?

    Attawapiskat is a small town in our big country and as a whole we need to look out and help one another. We are one as a whole and “our nation is only as good as we treat our most vulnerable” (Boyden, 2016, para. 21) as some of our most vulnerable are our aboriginals. They are people too and we need to treat them accordingly and not as we have for the 140 years of residential schools. In Joseph Boyden's essay “The true tragedy of Attawapiskat”, he talks about how abuse in residential schools…

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  • In-Between The World Of Vikram Lall Analysis

    This paper focuses on the Post Colonial aspects like cultural identity, cultural oppression, and colonized experience by the novel of M.G.Vassanji’s “In- Between the World of Vikram Lall”. In Canadian Literature. M.G.Vassanji’s characters are the representatives of the Canadians. In the novel, Vikram Lall is the first person narrator and his sister, are predominant characters. It is full of flashbacks, incidents in Kenya. Kenyans resorted to violence only after peaceful demands for moderate…

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  • Effects Of Imperialism In Canada

    Imperialism in Canada and Rwanda has many significant similarities, however, there are also many major differences. Colonization caused great impact on the culture perspective of each colony; however, the progression holds similarities and differences from one and the other as each aspect is looked into. Colonialism in Canada and Rwanda has correspondingly resulted in cultural conflict. Discrimination and restriction of rights played a huge role in the colonization of both Canada and Rwanda.…

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  • Native Canadians In Canada

    I will be examining the context of Native Canadians in the first world war, while referencing Boyden’s style of integrating that experience in Elijah, Xavier and Peggy. I started this IOP with the assumption that native Canadians were not treated as fairly as the Canadians during the war. That they were not recognised in history and may have had to do extra work from racist undertones. Perhaps seeing that the history could be different than the book details. During the first world war, an…

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  • Alanis Obomsawin Trick Or Treat Analysis

    Last evening, I attended the film Trick or Treat by Alanis Obomsawin. It was a beautifully done film about the issues first nations face in Canada. The film mostly revolved around the controversial Treaty No. 9 signed in 1905, which essentially stole the land from native communities without fully telling them that is what the document would do. Native communities were instead told that the treaty was one of peace and unity, not one of ownership. They were told one thing to get their signatures…

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  • Essay On Australian Spirituality

    be talking about Australian spirituality and explaining the terms of the spiritual practice. Australian spirituality is defined by Aboriginal beings and their identity. It gives purpose to all aspects of their lives including relationships and their surroundings. During these slides we’ll discuss the facts, clarifying the issues of this topic of Australian spirituality, discussing religious/ non-religious aspects of the topic and in conclusion, restating the key ideas. Australian spirituality…

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  • Residential Schools Essay

    were not always given the choice to send their children to school; Many were forced to do so. In some communities, there were day schools and, in others, schools that operated on a voluntary basis. However, many schools were long distances from Indigenous communities and thousands of parents were forced to send their children to school. Governments in Canada, Australia, and the USA believed that taking children and placing them in schools, long distances away from their homes, would not only…

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  • The Hadza Group Analysis

    Since I began studying the Hadza group it opened up my mind to so many things. I have seen indigenous tribes on television showing us how they live their lives. The things I envy most about them is how freely they live. Free from the responsibilities that we worry about on a daily basis like responsibilities, bills, work, money, I mean the list is endless. They live their lives with no apologies and I admire them for that purpose. Some may agree the way they live their life is like one camping…

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  • Indigenous People In Blood Meridian

    of indigenous peoples in the Western Hemisphere since 1492 and since 1607. It is predicted that there is an estimate of 370 million indigenous people spread out across 70 countries in the world. Among these indigenous peoples, many have special traditions in which they retain social, cultural, economic, and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the much larger and uprising societies in which they live. Their culture is very distinctive with their traditions. The indigenous…

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  • Reflection On First Nations Studies

    perspectives on each. Via the use of assorted reading selections, tutorial discussions, guest speakers, lectures, and a variety of other forms, I was able to take away a unique understanding, different to the one I had prior, which in turn educated me on Indigenous communities. This course attempted to bypass the anger that has been accumulated over the years, and portray information in order to avoid further issues…

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