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  • Discrimination In Australia Essay

    person or how the history of Australia may affect Indigenous Australians. This is largely because the families in the area I resided in were predominantly Non-Indigenous Australians and throughout my schooling years the education on Indigenous Australians I received was limited to tokenistic attributes of the culture. However, after reading the course material, I now know that racism and discrimination has many forms and that Indigenous Australians experience discrimination on a range of levels…

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  • Themes In No Sugar, By Jack Davis

    ideologies in the past still continue to have consequences in the lives of copious marginalised races of today. The stage play, No Sugar by Noongar author Jack Davis explores the endemic violence, brought upon by the exhibition of oppression by the White Australian supremacy towards the ostracised Aboriginals. No Sugar is set during the 1930s, a dark time in Australia where abusive treatment towards the Aboriginals was seen as a cultural norm. The context evokes the struggle for the Aboriginals…

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  • Critical Reflective Journal: Darug Country

    demonstrates respect for all Indigenous people, Elders, past and present. Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children involves…

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  • Integrative Multiculturalism

    ‘Others’ in Australian politics is underpinned by a history of systematic and institutional racism. This hostility towards non-Anglo ethnicities, in particular Muslims, Arabs and Asians – whether immigrants, emigrants, asylum seekers, or refugees –remains xenophobic, and finds its expression in State Islamophobia and sensationalised fears of minority out-groups (ENDNOTE). An examination of Australian public policies from 1901 to present date indicate the lacklustre efforts of the Australian…

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  • This Country A Reconciled Republic

    based on a mix of official sources, thoughtful analysis of the failure of the two major symbolic issues that dominated Australian politics in the 1990s ─ the republic and reconciliation as well as personal recollections of the author. Indeed, Mark…

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  • Aboriginal People Reflective Essay

    I respectfully acknowledge the Elders and custodians of the Yuin nation, past and present, their descendants and kin of the land where I am living, studying and working. This is a warning that this journal may contain images, voices and names of deceased Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island people. Whilst attending school with two Aboriginal students in my class, I was never exposed to people stereotyping Aboriginal people. I lived in an inland rural area of New South Wales, and after…

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  • The Seven Stages Of Grieving By Deborah Mailman

    "The 7 Stages of Grieving still speaks to us. Wise, honest, tender, funny and eloquent, this work for solo performer still packs a punch" - Australian Stage The play, The 7 Stages of Grieving, was written by Deborah Mailman and Wesley Enoch. After 24 years, it is still as relevant and vital as ever in the fact that it conveys the grieving experienced by Aboriginals, thus the title. Directed by Jason Klarwein, this one-woman play starring Chenoa Deemal manages to convey dramatic meaning in its…

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  • Mental Illness In Australia

    Many Australian people experience mental illness; however, according to the ABS (2013), Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are three times more likely to develop mental illness than the non-indigenous population. Mental illness among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Generation survivors is even greater (Dudgeon, Walker, Scrine, Shepherd, Calma, & Ring, 2014). Suicide rates within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are also twice as high,…

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  • Modernism In Australia

    was popular in Australia, with artists like Grace Crossington Smith creating works depicting daily Australian life and feature a flattened background ????…

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  • Freedom Ride In Australia

    absent. This was done by an Aboriginal student named Charles Perkins who drove a bus around protesting the discrimination against Aboriginal people in small towns in NSW. The freedom ride in Australia had a significant impact on Australians attitudes at that time towards indigenous rights. The main points being discussed will be how Charles Perkins and the Freedom Ride impacted society in the 1960’s. The freedom ride was a way of exposing the discrimination against Aboriginals. Their purpose…

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