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  • Am I Black Enough For You Analysis

    facts and claims were false which led to his downfall and he lost the case. The ignorance of Bolt’s and his readers reflects the wider community about Aboriginal life, and an important part of Heiss’s intention with this book is to educate non-Indigenous Australians about Aboriginal…

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  • The Passing Of The Aborigines Essay

    In 1770 Captain James Cook landed in Botany Bay with instructions to “with the consent of the natives take possession of the convenient situations in the name of the King… or if you find the land uninhabited Take Possession for His Majesty” (Australian Museum, 2015) these instructions held to European international laws at the time, however this request or the laws were not followed in the occupation of Australia. Cook declared the land he called New South Wales to be the property of Britain’s…

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  • Areas Of Miscommunication Essay

    the many issues it causes for Aboriginal peoples. Communication is an exchange of ideas, information or feelings through a number of different mediums. Failure to communicate can impact the relationship between Aboriginal students and their non-Indigenous students and teachers. Language is an area of communication that can be easily misconceived and causes many issues in a multi-language classroom like not understanding the work they are being taught. Culture is very hard to break through…

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  • Literacy In Australia

    disadvantaged within a typical Australian classroom. It is often migrants and refugees who are identified as having English as their second language and are therefore expected to fall into a lower English and literacy bracket after Assessment. From this, the NESB students are supported accordingly. With Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) being native Australians, it can be assumed that students of this cultural background speak and have been taught Australian English regularly and at…

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  • The Causes Of Racism

    perpetuate the false beliefs, therefore leading to the self-fulfilling prophecy (Madon, Willard, Guyll, & Scherr, 2011). There are many negatives beliefs regarding Indigenous Australians at both a personal level and an institutional level. At a personal level, some studies show that some non-Indigenous people believe that Indigenous Australians drink more, receive more benefits for less and even outrageously that they are less hygienic, akin to animals in the sense of hygiene (Pedersen, Clarke,…

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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Analysis

    personally? Ie.) Did it change your way of thinking at all about Australia and/or being an Australian? References: Articles: Attwood, Bain, "Learning about the truth": The Stolen Generations Narrative" in Attwood and MacGowan, eds., Telling Stories: Indigenous History and Memory in Australia and New Zealand (2001) Tony Hughes-d Aeth, "Which Rabbit Proof Fence? Empathy, Assimilation, Hollywood" Australian Humanities Review, September – November 2002 Monique Rooney, "Echoes Across…

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  • Stolen Generation Case Study

    Since the onset of the colonisation from 1778 of the Australian mainland by the Crown of Great Britain, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been subject to numerous practices and policies by the governments of the time. This essay examines government policies primarily in Queensland of segregation and integration of Queensland’s Indigenous peoples and how this led to the removal of Indigenous children from their families (Stolen Generations). Crucial to the understanding of the…

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  • Northern Territory Intervention Case Study

    many policies involving indigenous life. The legislation introduced alcohol restrictions for aboriginals as well as welfare reforms to end the flow of money towards substance abuse. Instead, the money was pushed towards child welfare. The intervention enforced school attendance among children on all aboriginal land by linking their attendance with the family’s income support. Children were brought in for compulsory…

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  • Discrimination In Australia Essay

    person or how the history of Australia may affect Indigenous Australians. This is largely because the families in the area I resided in were predominantly Non-Indigenous Australians and throughout my schooling years the education on Indigenous Australians I received was limited to tokenistic attributes of the culture. However, after reading the course material, I now know that racism and discrimination has many forms and that Indigenous Australians experience discrimination on a range of levels…

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  • Themes In No Sugar, By Jack Davis

    ideologies in the past still continue to have consequences in the lives of copious marginalised races of today. The stage play, No Sugar by Noongar author Jack Davis explores the endemic violence, brought upon by the exhibition of oppression by the White Australian supremacy towards the ostracised Aboriginals. No Sugar is set during the 1930s, a dark time in Australia where abusive treatment towards the Aboriginals was seen as a cultural norm. The context evokes the struggle for the Aboriginals…

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