Indigenous Australians

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  • Interracial Family: A Case Study

    families, which she believes is why her grandfather encouraged his grandchildren to question what they believed to be wrong in the world (O 'Shane, Miller, Miller, & O 'Shane, 2010). In Contrast, Patricia was raised by her father Patrick O’Shane (Irish Australian)…

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  • European Collonisation Of Australia

    Torres Strait Islander people and how the effects can be seen today. During the European colonisation of Australia, oppressive laws functioned to subjugate and control the indigenous population. The Aborigines Protection Act, 1909 (APA) (Cth) and the child removal policy were particularly devastating, stripping Indigenous people of basic human rights and freedoms, and robbing generations of their connection to their families and culture. Although the Act was abolished in 1969, the trauma…

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  • Australia Film Analysis

    Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the Australian Film festival selection panel for 2016, I present to you an amazing and accurate representation of Australian culture and community, the film directed by Baz Luhrmann, Australia. The film Australia was set in 1939, Lady Sarah Ashley played by Nicole Kidman travels from Britain to Australia to meet her husband Maitland Ashley played by Anton Monsted in northern Australia as the business is failing at Faraway Downs Farm. Maitland…

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  • The Stolen Generation Speech Analysis

    Taking Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander children from their Families and put into government and church run institutions was a Government policy until the year 1969. The children were re-located from their freedom and homes in the bush with their families to live in dormitories where their hair was cut and they were dressed in clothes that the institution approved. There were many rules that the children had to obey. If they did not obey the rules then that would often lead to severe…

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  • Comparing Paul Keating And Noel Pearson's Speech 'Redfern'

    Paul Keating and Noel Pearson, both demonstrate the awareness of the long term disadvantages the Indigenous people were confronted with for many years. They speak with passion and enthusiasm of the Australian land and people within it and understand that when it comes to Australians something has to be done in order for there not to have a division between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal Australians. The two speak with intensity regarding this matter and provide insightful knowledge on our country…

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  • Aboriginal Civil Rights Movement Essay

    the aboriginal civil rights movement 's political achievements meaning achievements that directly relate to law and legislation, are extremely influential if you recognize where we have come from. In 1901 the white Australia policy excluded indigenous Australians from the vote and pensions. The roots of this policy can be seen all the way back in 1850 with the white miner 's hatred to the Chinese…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Rabbit-Proof Fence

    laborers and eventually these half-caste children were able to be assimilated into the white society. While the chief protector of Aboriginal Australians A.O. Neville believed that he was helping half-caste children by taking them out of their communities and placing them in settlement camps. The child removals had an adverse affect on both the indigenous…

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  • Australian Aborigines Essay

    Australian Aborigines When learning about a new group of people it is best to understand their past and where they originated from. One of Australia’s indigenous groups is the Aborigines. The group is said to have migrated from Asia as early as 30,000 years ago. There are about 500-600 distinct groups of aboriginal people. Although there are different groups there are links between the groups that unify them such as their spiritual beliefs, storytelling and art. Their spiritual beliefs have a…

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  • Role Of Faith Bandler Essay

    Writing Award in 1989. In 1997 Bandler was awarded the Human Rights Medal from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission was presented a 'Meritorious Award in Honour and Gratitude for a Life of Courageous Advocacy for Justice and for Indigenous People, for Human Rights, for Love and Reconciliation ' in 2000 by Nelson Mandela. In Faith: Faith Bandler, gentle activist, Lake says ‘Through her teaching in Australia, Faith’s message about the importance of human dignity for all regardless…

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  • Australia Day Poem Analysis

    will be different. For those of white Australian background you think of the stereotypical lifestyle consisting of the sun, waves and mates. However for those of Indigenous background mass genocide and the beginning of the end for your culture is what is thought of on this day. To display this stark contrast I have selected two poems by Australian poets which offer different opinions on the same day and what effect it has on White and Indigenous Australians. My first poem, Australia Day by Mick…

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