Stolen Generation Analysis

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My initial reaction when I learned about the ‘Stolen Generation’ was absolute shock. I began to analyse and question myself why I was so shocked. I found several reasons, this includes: (1) my lack of knowledge; (2) I am an immigrant; (3) my early education was from the Philippines; (4) the early information I have for Indigenous Australians is based on what I have been told by my sister and her white Australian husband; (5) my own prejudice and bias towards Indigenous Australians. Firstly, my lack of knowledge contributed greatly with how I reacted when I found about the ‘Stolen Generation’. The truth is I never imagine that British settlers would sanction such act. Maybe I was influenced by my own history, that when Philippines was colonised

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    The term ‘Stolen Generation’ was devised by Australian historian Peter Read in the early 1980’s. It refers to those Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from their families by government and non-government agencies under racialist assimilation policies and laws. The removals of these tens of thousands of Aboriginal children occurred throughout the late 1800’s to the 1970’s. The reasoning for this situation arose when the public felt that the Aboriginal children were disadvantaged in their…

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    sufferings in life. However, Aboriginal kids were not so lucky. One by one, they were being forced out of their underprivileged families, following the government’s policy, to head for a brighter future with white families. Referred to as the Stolen Generations, such kids were suffering more than ever, as a result of what was intended to be a life-changing event for them. In an attempt to lead the Aboriginal culture to an end, starting from 1910 until 1970, Australian government passed the brutal Child…

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    governments so it is now possible to move forward into the future to right those wrongs. The day that Kevin Rudd made his apology speech, that was the beginning of a new chapter in Australia’s history. For the people that had been affected by the ‘Stolen Generations’ it was the start of a healing process and the healing for an entire nation. People now feel that there is a renewed energy to move forward with the spirit of forgiveness, friendship, and reconciliation, with a goal to close the gap of life…

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