Indigenous Australians

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  • Nursing Case Study Gestational Diabetes

    types (type 1, type 2, gestational). It is a major problem and significantly affected the health of large population of Australia. Indigenous people tend to experience this problem in earlier age as compared to other Australians and can have excess of complications. Gestational diabetes is also found to be far common in aboriginals than in non-indigenous Australians. Different factors that are responsible for diabetes among aboriginal people include genetic susceptibility,…

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  • Modernism In Australia

    was popular in Australia, with artists like Grace Crossington Smith creating works depicting daily Australian life and feature a flattened background ????…

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  • Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islanders Essay

    In Australian history the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia were not treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve, they have been the protectors of this land for many years before British colonised here, they lived from the land and they had a very strong community based life. After years of demoralising them and taking their basic ways of life away from them, we now have certain policies and procedures in place to bring the equality back. From the National Aboriginal…

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  • Adversarial Court System Case Study

    Juries can often be biased and the judgement can be swayed due to racial, sexual, economic or gender discrimination. Aboriginal Australians are especially victims of bias within the courts. In the case Joan Martin vs Homeswest [1997], involved the well respected Aboriginal artist, Joan Martin, and her children being kicked out from her home where they lived for 17 years. Homesweet evicted…

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  • Argumentative Essay: What Do Australians Stand For?

    What do Australians stand for? Is it that all Muslims should go back to their home country because they are terrorists? Or that equality is an important part of our country and something that we should strive for? I believe that a reasonable percentage of Americans would agree with the first one but here in Australia we strive for a country with equality. To get equality I believe justice, culture and opportunity are a part of what Australians stand for and a first step to equality, you don’t…

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  • A Rose Role Model

    Aboriginals aswell as all Australians, A national hero to all. Born on the 21st of June 1948 he was raised in a society that was divided by racism, doubt and economic disparity or difference. For Aboriginals their struggle to gain social justice had been ongoing since 1770. Lionel lived in a poor aboriginal settlement South of Melbourne in Jacksons Track, Near Warragul he had the ambition to get away and make something of himself and so he did and became a huge significance to…

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  • Government Protection Policy

    The government policy of protection was introduced between the 1890’s and 1940’s. All states and territories had their own version of the policy except for Tasmania which didn’t have one at all. Due to violence and harassment causing a dramatic drop in the aboriginal population the government introduced these policy’s to “protect” them. They believed that the aboriginal race was a dying race and needed help to bring the numbers back up so to do this they put them under “protection” of the…

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  • Freedom Rides In The 1960's

    upon the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal peoples in Australia. The 1960’s was a time of change in social and political dynamics in the US and Australia. It was the time when Australia introduced new government policies towards indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. However, these government policies ironically caused widespread discontent which provoked a protest by a group of activists, riding inter-state buses to towns that were strong in segregation and racial intolerance. This was…

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  • Aboriginal Land Rights

    rights to an area overlapping the Wik claim included land where two leases had been issued by the Qld government. The wik people had to prove through historical documents that they deserved rights to the land.The case went in favour of the Indigenous Australians and was also a great advance in the land rights movement.But they weren 't trying to keep the people off their land they just wanted the government to know it 's their land therefore they aren 't in charge of the land the wik decisions…

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  • Mabo V Queensland Case Study

    ‘Mabo V Queensland’ is an Australian prominent landmark case which began in 1982 in the High Court of Australia and ended in 1992. This case is commonly referred to as just ‘Mabo’. This case was taken to the High Court as a test case to establish Aboriginal’s land rights including their ownership of land. A test case is a case that establishes new legal rights or principles. In this case, the concept of terra nullius was also challenged. Terra Nullius means ‘empty land’. The concept of terra…

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