Income Inequality In Australia

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Australia is an amazing country, with a rich artistic, musical, and spiritual heritage. The traditions set forth by Australians are some of the oldest and strongest traditions known in history. In the late 1700’s the Australian population experienced a growth, as did their economy with the colonization of Europeans. Many Indigenous Australians were greatly affected by introduction of diseases and conflict, conflict that steamed from Europeans taking the Indigenous Australians land. As time passes so did the conflict the gold rush, and agricultural industries brought hope, money, and a new way of life for many. But in the 21st century the issues that continue to face Australians are Education, a poor Health Care system, Marriage
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As Australians face manufacture of campaigns like “Close the Gap,” are designed to reduce the gap between poor Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Healthcare inequality seek to one day be able to provide any Australian born citizen the same basic healthcare opportunities that many other Australian child or adult may have. “The Campaign’s goal is to raise the health and life expectancy. It aims to do this through the implementation of a human rights-based approach set out in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner’s Social Justice Report 2005. (Commission, 2016).” The development of programs such as closing the gap, have addresses the long-term issue of inequality of services, continuous discrimination, and poverty levels among the lower class population. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are 2.3 times more likely to be affected by musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory disease, and death than their non-indigenous population in Northern Territory. Social conflict theory by Marx’s concludes that conflict is formed as different groups gain power they exploit groups with lesser powers. We can argue that the lack of healthcare and resources offered to Indigenous groups is an example of how social structure emerges in social class and inequality. While the …show more content…
Studies also show that in order to alleviate the gap between rich and poor, the Australian government needs to create a better solution to reduce poverty and unemployment rates. Many labor forces in Australia have described the cycle between joblessness and low-quality employment as one of the leading cause of cyclical unemployment, cost-push inflation, and income inequality. With a population of over 24 million Australians, it should surprise us that with just nine of the wealthiest individuals combined have a net worth that is equivalent to the bottom 20 per cent of the income workforce. Unemployment is a major socio-economic problem especially among ethnic and racial minority groups in Australia; structural unemployment contributes to the increase of youth unemployment and furthers the belief set forth by the class system of role satisfaction. As unemployment rates continue to rise, so has crime and deviancy among the underclass. A criminologist by the name

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