Noongar Boodjar Analysis

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My essay seeks to establish the importance of Noongar boodjar to the Noongar people. It focuses on explaining the significant attachment that Noongar people possess regarding their place names and why it is deeply rooted in them. Noongar people not only outlived European colonization but also flourished as family groups and obtained assert their rights to their boojar. For Noongar people, the southwest of Western Australia is ngulla booja-our country. Noongar Elder Angus Wallam quoted “White fella got it but its still in my heart, this is my country.” Such simple words amplify the connection the Noongar people have with the Boojar. Therefore I believe that being Noongar is to be part of a family and society, which defines their association …show more content…
Some words are pronounced in similar way making it more difficult as the sounds k and g; p and b are interchangeable in Noongar languages. Some of the complexity and limitations to why there is so many Noongar place names is because of the inhibiting factor, such as: some traditional knowledge has already been lost due to the heavy reliance on English as naming system for geographical features as well as a dominant spoken language and many Noongar based place names include abbreviated, shortened or truncated sections of the original Aboriginal …show more content…
Aboriginal sites are as significant and essential today, as they were thousands of years ago. The sites will continue to play a fundamental role in the lives of Aboriginal people and Western Australian heritage. These places and the grounding beliefs they give expression to, will continue to be of great significance in contemporary social and spiritual life.

In conclusion, one has to experience and go through the ways of Noongar traditional customs to get a better grip of what’s Noongar country truly means. Moreover we as foreigners or outsiders got to acknowledges that Noongar as a language group were and still are dominant language contributors to the making of the nation’s Southwest the distinctive place it is, including its place names. The Noongar are still the knowledge carriers and interpreters of the meanings of all of Noongar country handed down orally and in written text for all people since kura (a long time ago), yeye (today) and boordwan (in the future)

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