Effects Of Colonization On Aboriginal People Essay

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When Colonisation took place the Europeans did not only take Aboriginal people’s land, but also had a great impact on their health and housing. Harris (2003, p. 81) states that between 1788-1990 the Aboriginal population was reduced by 90 per cent. There were many factors that lead to this outstanding decline in population; some of the major ones were diseases, loss of land/identity, and the overuse of alcohol and substances. According to Oxford Second Opinion, it states “the health status of Indigenous Australians at the time of the British invasion was better than that of most people then living in the UK” (Gray, Saggers, and Stearne 2015, p.151). Throughout this essay I will be exploring the many effects colonization had on Aboriginal people. Aboriginal people are said to have one of the oldest living cultures in the world. Digital (2014) stated in Australians Together, “prior to settlement there were more than 500 Indigenous nations that existed, approximately 750,000 people in total”. Before colonization occurred they were said to live a long healthy life, due to their lifestyle they maintained. According to Welch (2016), housing was quite simple their shelters were often made with a frame of branches or sheets of bark. They used everything nature provided for them and never took more than what was needed. Another important factor was the fact that there were hardly any diseases found within their community. Unfortunately, this all changed once the Europeans settled…

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