Indigenous Australians

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  • Aboriginal Education In Australia

    The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy (AEP) (Commonwealth of Australia, 1989, p.15) discussed that the long-term goal for schools should be “to enable Aboriginal attainment of skills to the same standard as other Australian students throughout the compulsory schooling years.” Moreover, it called for the “introduction of technology and technology information to assist the development of self-determination through the cultural evaluation for Aboriginal and Torres…

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  • The Secret River Kate Grenville Analysis

    hierarchy functioned; exploring these notions through the lives of the protagonists as well as the Indigenous people of Australia. William Thornhill interacts with the Indigenous only when needed; mainly to stake and protect the claim on ‘his’ land. This is seen as a lack of compassion as his only concern is to demonstrate a sense of ownership. Blackwood shows compassion and acceptance for the Indigenous; he even creates a family and comes to understand that there is no need to determine who is…

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  • Causes Of Unemployment In Australia

    artistic, musical, and spiritual heritage. The traditions set forth by Australians are some of the oldest and strongest traditions known in history. In the late 1700’s the Australian population experienced a growth, as did their economy with the colonization of Europeans. Many Indigenous Australians were greatly affected by introduction of diseases and conflict, conflict that steamed from Europeans taking the Indigenous Australians land. As time passes so did the conflict the gold rush, and…

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  • Eddie Mabo Case Study

    James Cook University of Queensland where he spoke about his people’s beliefs about the ownership and inheritance of the land (Reconciliation Australia, 2014). A lawyer overheard Mabo’s speech and approached Mabo if he would like to challenge the Australian Government in the court system to settle the issue on who are the rightful owners of the Land on Murray Island, Mabo agreed (Reconciliation Australia,). Mabo’s case went on for 10 years (Korff, 2015). On the 3rd of June 1992, The High Court…

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  • Adam Goodes Year Acceptance Speech

    An Adnyamathanha and Norungga man born in Wallaroo South Australia, an inspirational captain to both the Australian public/Australian Indigenous community and the Sydney Swans…the definition of a true leader. Adam Goodes is an ex-AFL player whose legacy will live eternally, both on and off the field, regarded as an absolute all-time great of Australia’s game. A four time All Australian, two time Brownlow medal winner, not to mention the two premierships to his name, it’s fair to say he was…

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  • Australia The Land Of Fair Go Analysis

    force the Indigenous people off their land so they can tear it apart. A "fair go" is equality, not evidently treating people of different ethnicity, religion, wealth or gender differently. And this is exactly what Australia does. Australia prides itself how its offers…

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  • Aboriginal Culture Advantages And Disadvantages

    Aboriginal people are disadvantaged in Australian society. Addressing low literacy levels within indigenous communities provides the catalyst for positive outcomes to the future of Aboriginal people. Growing numbers of indigenous Australians achieving tertiary qualifications advances academic standing, professional standing and employments opportunities for individual and the indigenous community as a whole ( Mellor and Corrigan 2004). Incorporating the fundamental ethos of Aboriginal culture…

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  • Indigenous Language Skills

    Introduction Despite the Australian government’s pledge to “close the gap”, many Indigenous students continue to struggle with their educational outcomes at school. The writing and language skills of Indigenous students in year 7 have been found to be behind their non-Indigenous peers by approximately 58 months and many Indigenous students continue to leave school prematurely (Australian Government, 2015, p. 5; Rose, 2011, p. 89). In ‘Message Stick: Strong and Smart’ (2003), Principal Chris…

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  • Equality In Australia

    without discrimination but also feel like they have been treated this way. However there are problems that some diversity feels they gain at court. Indigenous society face problems gaining equal treatment by the law. The problems that affect their equal treatment included; police bias, attitudes of judges and cultural differences. Almost 50% of white Australians believe Aboriginal is given an advantage by government. This is sometimes classified as decimation. Inequality is the imbalance of…

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  • Analysis Of Kevin Rudd's Speech

    On 13 February 2008, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, delivered his apology to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the parliament. This is considered as an important point in current Australian history as it revise the past which would influence the relations between Australian groups in present and future. (Nobles, 2008).In order to understand how he tried to create an imagined community in his speech, I will analyse the apology on two faces: rhetoric and content. Firstly, I will point…

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