Indigenous People In Australian Society

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Chapter One Introduction
1.1 Background of the study
In 1788, about 1530 British people arrived at Australia as penal transportation, and for the next 80 years, about 16 million people moved into Australia and established penal colony. The following paragraph indicates what happened in Australia as a first step of a colonial domination.
The rabbits are the British, who came there with purpose of establishing a new penal colony to supplant the America. Actually, there were Aborigines inhabiting on the land for over 50,000 years before European settlement. The Aborigines had no concept of possession, since they have lived there for 40,000 years. Therefore no one could claim for the land and had no data to prove it. The British concluded that the land is ownerless land. They drove out the indigenous people and occupied their land.
As it commonly happens with imperialist desires to the colonies, occupying, erasing and assimilating indigenous people’s nationality also took place in Australia. The Aborigines Act of 1905 authorized the removal of the indigenous children, and they were removed from their families and communities then placed in white Australian’s society. With an excuse of civilizing, baptizing, or protecting indigenous
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This study also aims to proof that My Place shows the process of pursuing the truth and has enough power to deal with current problem rooted in the past which contemporary urban indigenous people face. It is based on a belief that the novel 품다 the real historical internal problems of Australia. 원주민성에 대한 주장, Indeed, testimony from ‘Stolen Generations’ frankly reveals racism and an infringement upon personal rights of Australia Government. It is still at issue for solution, which has ineffaceable historical connection to the present. The study will also find possible contributions of the novel to the field of

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