In Harm's Way

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  • Personal Narrative: My Way Of Dealing With Conflicts

    Your parents are the ones who teach you to walk, talk, and everything else we must learn to do in life. I feel that all of my habitual ways of dealing with conflict come from my family members. I learned that both my mother and father handle conflicts in different ways. They both try to avoid conflicts, and I do the same. I feel that my parents raised me in a way that fighting is never the answer to a conflict. When a conflict does arise, I search for opportunities to work through them and end…

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  • College Admissions Essay: High School Vs. College Life

    High school for me is very different then the college life that I have experienced so far. In high school there is so much judgement by the things you wear, who you talk to, and the things you do. But in college no one really cares there isn’t time to judge people it doesn’t matter to them. High school could be super brutal to some people because they don’t fit in they aren’t the typical student and others make sure that they know it. I feel that in college there is so many different types of…

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  • Exemplification Essay: Does Leadership Cause Change?

    Leadership is never just one way, it changes is every aspect. One day it can be following and learning while still providing direction. Others days it may be doing nothing more than over whelming subordinates and watching them learn. Strong leaders have the ability to cause the change or be the one getting changed themselves. This is best described by walking up and down a staircase. You can have a slow and steady climb and only deal with one task at a time. Being very boring. Or you can climb…

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  • Student Strengths And Weaknesses

    very observant in class. This notifies me that I need to engage the class is a discussion. A debate or Socratic seminar might work best for this class and especially these three students because of how vocal they are. However, their weaknesses and the ways in which these three learn are very different. I would never be able to pair Aiden and Logan because Aiden is dependent on another person, and Logan is independent and works best by working alone. Aiden and Alex, on the other hand, would be…

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  • Jason Sebasti A Short Story

    role as the Chairman is to approve and pay bills such as payroll and equipment the department needs. He also has to talk with the fire chief about issues regarding the firemen and the residents who live within the township radius. Jason has found a way to juggle his two businesses and his responsibilities to the township of Springport on top of finding time to be a great mentor to…

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  • Essay On Passive Observation

    passive observation information is given by others’ personal experience and it is our choice whether to accept or to ignore it. Observation is given to us by biased experiences (Although everyone can say that they are biased in one way or another). By using observation as a way of producing knowledge are interpretations are more molded around what others have witnessed. In active experiment we are put in real life situations where our actions impact what we do, allowing no influential bias from…

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  • Bill Bowen And Academic Governance

    that these are complicated issues and they are not going to go away. As that affects the way that we think about generating curriculum and what kind of learning experience we are creating, it is incumbent upon you guys to think about that. What are your programs and how are they responsive to that? How seriously do you want to take those concerns? How might we direct those conversations in productive ways, reflecting on those aspects of their criticisms that might have legitimacy and…

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  • The Terrible Tragedy Of Death While Driving Analysis

    There are hundred ways that you can die while behind the wheel, but I believe there is one specific way that is easily the worst way; while on the cell phone. There are many deaths that cannot be controlled while behind the wheel, but if your death is due to lack of attention to the road that is easily the worst way of death. This picture shows that talking on the phone while driving causes of your own death. This picture is a perfect way of showing how pathos is used. The way that it is…

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  • Comparing Mozi And Laozi Essay

    contradictory is Laozi’s claim that order is created through a spiritual law produced by an entity he calls “Dao” or the Way. At a glance Laozi’s philosophy seems far too mystical to have similarities with Mozi, but they actually have far more in common when it comes to how they believe a government should be run. The ideal state in both Daoist, and Mohist thought operate in such a way that they are highly similar, not so much as explicit structure, but more so in the underlying roots of…

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  • St Helens Narrative

    “Go north of St. Helens, no turns, just follow the satin flowers’ I read the remaining guidelines and proceeded as I made my way outside the discarded forest. The time was specifically 10:45, you could tell by the decreasing temperature that it was late, I glanced some more over the crinkled piece of paper ‘there will be an unoccupied vehicle approximately 300 meters from the north entrance from where you exited” I scanned around until my eyes fell upon a black tented 1963 Chevrolet Corvette…

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