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  • Kevin Durant Legacy

    Before any NBA player steps foot on the court, they make sure there school work is complete. For example, my role model Russell Westbrook, before being drafted into the NBA and playing with the world’s best players getting his education out of the way is very important. He succeeded, but not just being able to pass, he also averaged a perfect 4.0 GPA, so if he ever decided not to play in the NBA he could always rely on his education. Meanwhile, he’s trying to get better I’m trying to get started…

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  • Team Communication Reflective Report

    On October 13, 2016, I attended the Team Communication Workshop Part II: Handling Difficult People and Situations, presented by Dr. Joanna Wolfe from the Global Communication Center. It was a workshop about how to handle working on a group project with people who might be difficult to work with and how to deal with uncomfortable situations in a professional manner. Dr. Wolfe noted in the beginning that based on the research that she and other GCC staff have conducted, women and minorities in…

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  • Shakespeare's Macbeth-Personal Narrative

    what we were here for. “Ah, the coronation”, I suddenly remembered. We all took our seats, patiently awaiting our sovereign. It was only a short few seconds until Macbeth violently thrusted his way through the doors. The voices silenced and not a squeak was heard. His face was disapproving. Not a great way to start a great occasion. Lennox and Lady Macbeth urged Macbeth to take a seat. He chuckled a hearty laugh. “The table’s full”, he said. Lennox tried to assure him otherwise, but Macbeth…

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  • My Mother Left China Character Analysis

    Before Maxine was born, her mother, and her father, many years before, moved from China to the United States. “My mother left China in the winter of 1939 [...] and arrived in New York Harbor in January, 1940” (96). Her family faced many challenges, including being discriminated against. She tried to stand up for herself as well as for her family. “It’s not just the stupid racists that I have to do something about, but the tyrants who for whatever reason can deny my family food and work” (49).…

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  • Osteoarthritis Case Study Essay

    all) and grouped according to their original strength of recommendation (A-D). The one way ANOVA variance analysis used to access the difference between the groups. All numerical data served as an instrument and a tool (Roddy et al., 2006). Though, group “B” in the randomized control trials is not accessible for certain recommendations, the data still held at 95%. The grade of the data is acquired in two ways. (1) By classifying the category of evidence, and (2) by giving a strength of…

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  • El Dia De Muertos Research Paper

    Families are structured by their traditions, beliefs and family issues which make every family unique. The practice of a tradition in a family is a way to shape and identify what is important to the members of that family. Mexicans families are known for their cultural traditions such as el grito de Dolores, posadas, and important dates that are used to bring the family together. I have a classic Mexican family who follow the Mexican traditions and gives a unique and special touch that…

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  • A Small Good Thing Raymond Carver

    Characterization in “A Small, Good Thing” In “A Small, Good Thing”, Raymond Carver describes the events of a small boy, Scotty, getting injured and being hospitalized. His parents, Ann and Howard, then need to internalize the situation each in their own way until they finally accept Scotty’s death after meeting with a baker that has been giving the parents foreboding calls. Carver uses characterization in “A Small, Good Thing” to convey the idea of how Ann and Howard are able to internalize and…

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  • Adversity In The Short Story 'Ten Little Indians' By Sherman Alexie

    others similar to her chose to live. She had goals that trumped the situation she was in and did everything she could to separate herself from them. Corliss faced many hardships in her academic progress when it came to reaching her goals. She was in no way behind in her studies, but she always felt like her family accepting the fact that she loved poems and literature would be beneficial. She felt like she didn’t belong in the typical Indian family and could do more with her life. "How could she…

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  • Baby Lion Research Paper

    but that’s worth it in my opinion. Studying abroad would be a great way to travel and view these animals in their natural habitat. The majority of the population is only getting to witness exotic animals in a zoo or in books, but if I study abroad I will get to observe these animals first hand. Consequently, this will further my career because I would have an opportunity many people wouldn’t get. Study abroad is also a valuable way for me to learn other languages and this will help me…

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  • Satan's Butthole: A Short Story

    Sure enough, it was her and I immediately got worried because she was supposed to be on her way to her mother’s house for the weekend to spend time with her younger sister who was in her second year of college and flying in from Florida. I began to think the worst things possible. What if she got in a car accident on the way there and is dying or is seriously injured? I replied hesitantly “yes why do you ask, is something wrong?” while praying to God in my…

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