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  • Why Do People Travel By Anita Desai Essay

    customs, and traditions, while opening them, we can discover something new and better understand other people all over the world. All of these is attracting, and fascinating us. When we are traveling, we are seeing,and understanding something knew, we are feeling variety of beauty, and magic of our lives. When people start to travel, they change, the cause of this is the nature, new countries, other people, all of this factors are render influence. The travels can help you to understand…

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  • Why Do I Want To Become A Country

    just wanted to go see my family because I get back from work very late. My two beautiful children, Kalina and George, will be waiting for me to cuddle with them and bring them warmth to their hearts. My wife she would be making the rich tasty dinner she always does. Sadly, we’re starting to run out of food. We have a hard time making a Greek salad with some chicken. My wife and I are getting mega nervous because in one point we won’t have enough money to spare. We have children and we want for…

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  • My Country Mexico Essay

    My country is Mexico. Luckily, my family and I are from Mexico. Except I was born in the United States. Mexico took it’s freedom from Spain in the year 1821. That starts our trip. Spain took over Mexico in 1500. The people of Mexico called the new land “New Spain”. Spain took the people of the land, Mayas and Aztecs, into slavery. There was a man named Father Hidalgo,Father of the nation, who helped begin the revolution. Many people agreed with Father Hidalgo, he lead about 90,000 men from…

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  • My Country Songs Analysis

    Soundtrack of My Life Do you want to know my most favorite songs to listen to then stick around while I tell you all about them! The three songs I chose were “Im the man” by Aloe Blacc, my second song is “Don't Stop Believing” by Journey, and my last song is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams these are my favorite songs because all of them make me feel happy and Don't Stop Believing In Myself. The title of my soundtrack is Tanmans Jams and the theme of my soundtrack is to make me and everyone else…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Little Country

    My Little Country Side My special place is in Ravia, Oklahoma, it is a small abandon chicken farm in the middle of no where. It is my special place because I went there as a child, its secluded from other people, its absolutely breath taking at sun down, and I think other people should get to see the beauty of the country side. As a child I went down to this chicken farm in Ravia, Oklahoma, to ride my four-wheeler with my step father Ernest Gilbert and my little sister Ashley Gilbert. We would…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In My Country

    Air Pollution There is no pollution control authority in my country. However no one needs an official pollution monitoring system to realize that the air we breathe in the city of Kinshasa is very polluted. It is useless to search for official pollution information on Kinshasa. Even in the 2014 WHO report on air pollution, data on Africa in general and on Congo in particular are not available. When looking on the WHO website, we can find statistics on regions like America, Pacific, Asia and…

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  • America's Gift To My Country Analysis

    America’s gift to my generation “ And now we lie, in Flanders Field,” That was always my favorite line of the poem,but no-one asks a flower what their favorite line of a poem is more less anything.And no-one asks what a flower knows, or has seen .People don’t talk to us seriously because we’re just flowers. The line in the poem makes me remember memories.The memories that haunt me show the sadness, the deaths, and me, standing there, swaying in the wind. In Flanders field I watched it all, the…

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  • Dude Where's My Country Analysis

    Dude, Where’s My Country? is a good book for people that dislike bush, and like talking about and learning about different things that happened while he was in office and if he was going to become president again for another term. Moore Talks about 9/11 and Bin laden throughout this book and his opinion on how is was basically done on purpose by Bush. He states different facts that can sort of prove what Moore is saying about Bush. Like how the Bush administration resisted the special commission…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To My Country

    As everyone knows that China is one of the most beautiful Countries all over the world. It is really famous for its long history and civilizations. As a Chinese girl, I’m so proud of my Country. And of course, I love it deeply in my heart. not just because it’s my hometow Yantai is the capital of scenery, the hometown of apple and the city of wine! Now I'm going to join my hometown Yantai; Have you ever been to the seaside and Nanshan Park in Yantai? Have you ever tasted the sweet apple of…

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  • Quarantine And My Country In Darkness By Eavan Boland

    Major historical events often inspire authors to produce works of literature that capture the essence of the time period. Eavan Boland, a popular Irish author, has produced many works of literature that shed light on both history and culture. Born in 1944 in Dublin, Ireland, Boland was the daughter of a diplomat and a painter. At a young age, Boland and her family moved to England, where she was rejected by many people because of her Irish background. Her struggle to gain acceptance sparked…

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