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  • The Role Of Female Characters In The Iliad

    The Iliad: 9. Choose one of the questions below, and answer in 75-150 words: • The epic begins in medias res. What are some of the literary effects of this narrative structure? By beginning The Iliad in media res, we immediately become part of the action. The first word of the story is “Rage”. We do not get an explanation or backstory about why there is rage. Instead, we get to know what is important, and that is what is happening now. Starting the story this way also grabs the reader’s attention. We may wonder why there is rage or chaos. Our wonder will lead us to read the rest of the story. In small parts of the story we get some information about what started everything. In Book I, Chryses says to Agamemnon, “Give me my daughter…

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  • Allusion In Michael Mcfee's 'In Media Res'

    The famed psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that human beings have an innate lean toward and interest in death, known as the Thanatos drive (Kli). At some point in the life of every individual, the reality of ever-approaching death drives them to scrutinize their decaying bodies. In his poem, In Media Res, Michael McFee relies upon thoughtful imagery, biblical and literary allusion, and unexpected connotative language to examine the eerie experiences of a middle-aged man as he struggles to…

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  • In Media Res By Michael Mcfee Summary

    At some point in every individual’s life, they are shocked and dismayed to realize that their youth has passed by them like sand through their fingers. The reality of ever-approaching death drives many to scrutinize their decaying bodies. In his poem, In Media Res, Michael McFee uses thoughtful imagery, biblical and literary allusion, and unexpected connotative language to examine the eerie experiences of a middle-aged man as he struggles to come to terms with his aging body. Through the use of…

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  • Tartuffe Betrayal Quotes

    “The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water.” One of my favorite quotes begins, “Never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything and everyone can change.” This is a simple quote until one actually tries to apply it to life. When betrayal becomes a factor in a relationship, it should be easy to leave said relationship behind. However, leaving someone is always easier said than done when love is involved, despite the fact that the relationship causes more harm…

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  • Comparison Of Tartuffe And A Modest

    When you think of what you will do for the day, do you think of things to better others’ lives or your own? In Tartuffe and A Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift and Moliere speak of ways of living and human nature. Tartuffe speaks of a man who is supposed to be a man of God but is only trying to better his own way of living and take away a man’s own home. Swift as well speaks of living and human nature but not of a man but society as a whole and how they look at a certain group of people. In this…

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  • Blindness In The Play Tartuffe

    The play Tartuffe by Moliere is a play with many underlying complicated themes, and one of them might be the way it mocks the weaknesses of the characters. The play exaggerates the human folly of characters like Orgon and their inability to see beyond their narrowed perspective and believing everyone else to be following the same train of thought. Also, the play highlights the strict conduct blindly followed by french society like gender norms and religious affiliation and puts them out of…

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  • Similarities Between Mliere And Kafka And Deus Ex Machina

    Authors use many different literary devices to make their idea clear and concise or to enhance their novel or story. Moliere and Kafka are no different, their novels Tartuffe and The Metamorphosis, respectively, both use Deus Ex Machina to end their novel with a twist. Deus Ex Machina is when an author uses an unexpected power or events to save the characters or story from a seemingly impossible situation. It often used at the end of a story, novel, or play and to the reader it seems as if the…

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  • The Ending Of Tartuffe

    When producing a play that is considered a classic and has remained popular for centuries, it is easy to fall into the habit of directing it the way that it usually is, without giving much thought to all of the individual elements of it. One of the crucial elements to any production that is all too frequently overlooked in these situations is the feeling that the audience is left with after the end of the play. For Tartuffe in particular, it is convenient to assume that because the play is…

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  • Essay On The Crystal Ball

    The witch smiles her sweet grin. “Wonderful!” She rises from her chair and grabs a spherical green object from a nearby shelf. She sets it on the table with a thump. “Is that a crystal ball?” Will asks. The sound of his voice sends my heart into a downward spiral. Heat rises up my spine. Whatever is in the air in this place, it’s making my emotions go haywire. The crystal ball suddenly sparks into a cloud of green, producing sparkles within it. The woman laughs at the sight. “So much attraction!…

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  • Mercedes Life Without Unexpected Love Quotes

    8. "Mercedes was left alone. Bathed in tears, she was seen ceaselessly wandering around the little village of the Catalans, sometimes standing motionless in the blazing heat of the southern sun, sometimes sitting on the beach listening to the eternal moaning of the sea asking herself whether it would not be better to let herself sink into the depths rather than undergo the cruel suffering of a wait without hope" (Dumas 40). The narrator is describing Mercedes life without Edmond. This quote is…

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