The Importance Of Academic Governance

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So, I want to simply suggest that these are complicated issues and they are not going to go away. As that affects the way that we think about generating curriculum and what kind of learning experience we are creating, it is incumbent upon you guys to think about that. What are your programs and how are they responsive to that? How seriously do you want to take those concerns?

How might we direct those conversations in productive ways, reflecting on those aspects of their criticisms that might have legitimacy and enduring value? It is a real challenge. Related to that, academic governance is another factor. We are living in a time of very dramatic and rapid change, by virtue of all of these things that I am talking about.

But, our
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Increasingly, universities and colleges are doing this. Do we really have to be the residence hall business? Why do we have to run a restaurant; what do we know about running a restaurant? Let’s outsource out bookstores. How about educational contents, maybe we should go to poor Sarah for modules.

Maybe we should contract with some online provider who can do things for us like that. Increasingly think about the world in a much more disaggregated way, that we don’t have to produce and do everything on our campuses, and if we don’t, perhaps we can focus our efforts more directed on what we do well. So, it requires a much higher level of insight into what your institution’s mission actually is. It’s harder to do than is sounds.

So, if you think about your own campus, and you had to get an elevator response to somebody who says; so, what actually is Haverford College all about; I am getting off on the third floor, go. How would you do that for your institution? Are the investments you are making on your campuses consistent with that? Those kinds of changes, I think are before us, in outsourcing and unbundling are already evidently

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