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  • Pheasant Hunt Narrative

    quick. Also we had a pheasant that we kicked up right next to us and it was freighting but it was a hen so I couldn’t shoot in even if I didn’t get scared by it’s wings powerfully flapping. My dad wasn’t going to let me go home empty-handed. On the way home, we hit some gravel roads and look in the ditch. My dad, brother and I went out and found a pheasant so we were on the opposite side of the ditch. I was determined to get this one. My dad whispered “3...2...1 GO!” We sprinted up the snow…

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  • Time Management Moment

    changed in order for me to succeed in accomplishing my goals is my time management. For so many years I’ve struggled with being able to get to places on time. I learned that once I actually started to acknowledge and care about my bad habit was the only way I would be willing to change it. Working on my time management was hard but not nearly impossible. I had to change my outlook on certain things so that my mindset would be prepared and ready for change. I believe I was successful in working…

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  • Escher Two Chameleons Analysis

    During my visit to the Memorial Art Gallery, they were and still are showing M. C. Escher: Reality and Illusion along with other exhibitions. Many of his artworks seemed to correspond to the topics discussed in class. There were several artworks that stopped my eyes. Out of those artworks, Stars created in 1948 is a wood engraving portraying two chameleons in a hollow octahedron 3-compound with other similar, smaller figures colored in yellow, blue, and pink in the solid black background. Escher…

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  • Milky Way: Galaxies Organized And Distributed Within The Universe

    1. Describe the Milky Way. What does it contain? The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy, which looks like a pinwheel. At times, people can look up to the sky and see the faint band of light, the glow of stars in the galaxy’s disk, which gave the Milky Way its name. The galaxy is of an average size, 100,000 light-years across and 1,000 light-years deep. It contains about 500 billion stars and many planets. The center of the galaxy contains a supermassive black hole, which is the cause of our…

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  • Old Earth Secularist View

    INTRODUCTION: The topic chosen for this assignment is the Original Creation of the Earth (nebular hypothesis vs. six-day creation). The origin of the earth, the universe, ultimately “creation” itself has long been a highly debated topic. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on the original creation of the earth from an old-earth secularist view as well as the view from a young-earth creationist’s perspective. Ultimately, the intent is to highlight these opposing views in an attempt to…

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  • Delphinus Research Paper

    and went to the mountains to seek refuge. Poseidon then sent a dolphin to change her mind, and when the dolphin persuaded her, he rewarded it with a place in the sky. The other myth is a story that tells of Arion, a famous musician who was on his way home to Corinth after winning a lucrative musical competition. However, the sailors that were transporting Arion home were more dazzled by the possibility of money than fine arts as a result, the sailors decided to kill Arion. However, the sailors…

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  • The Loman Family

    Arthur Miller, author of Death of a Salesman, describes a family that exemplifies a failure of the 1940s. The Loman family ultimately falls to pieces after it is evident their relationships with one another are unhealthy and create more issues. Some readers believe that their crash is a result of insecurity and that things such as expectations are not contributing factors, but one will soon see why other views are more accurate. The demise of the Loman family can be attributed to the pressure…

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  • Sedna Research Paper

    Sedna- Formally known as 90377 Sedna is a large minor planet. It is in the far reaches of the solar system. It was discovered 11/14/2003. It's Aphelion (the far extreme of it's orbit) is a jaw dropping 937AU, or 87,099,591,409 miles, from the sun. It is made up of Water, Methane, and Nitrogen ices. It's orbit is insanely long, the last time Sedna was in the same place in it's orbit as it is now, the New Stone Age was just beginning. It is a member of the inner oort cloud as well. It was…

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  • Conformity In Jack Kerouac's The Vanishing American Hobo

    founded upon the equality of all men. Although these truths are held to be self-evident in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, certain groups continually find themselves disenfranchised by changing laws and technology which deem their way of life obsolete and are forced to conform or perish. Nowhere is system of conformity anthologized than in Jack Kerouac’s 1960 Essay, “The Vanishing American Hobo” when the author confesses, “I myself was a hobo but I had to give it up around 1956…

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  • Personal Experience: We Do Not Fear The Unknown '

    I could not agree more with contemporary blogger Teal Swan’s quote that “We do not fear the unknown; we fear what we think we know about the unknown”. Although I would not describe myself as particularly timorous, as I left my family in the Heathrow departure lounge I admit I had a few reservations: How am I going to live in another country? Will I fit into the Babson campus? Will I make friends? What am I going to do with my family 3,000 miles away? Why am I doing this? Naturally, these fears…

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