I Hate Writing About Myself

I hate writing about myself. It’s typical, but it’s true. I always try to bend the rules to write about anything else. So when I saw this prompt, I had no idea what to write about. At first it was just that I didn’t want to write about things from my past, especially unpleasant things. However, I soon realised that the problem with this paper was that I wasn’t over most of my struggles—or rather, I wasn’t in a position to write about them well. I sat down and thought about what I could possibly write about. I was depressed from when I was five years until I was fifteen. I’d have to be pretty resilient for that, right? However, I just didn’t know how to write about it. Instead of having to deal with this challenge as an actual hurdle, I grew up depressed; because I was ill from such a young age, the hurdle was my entire mindset. It wasn’t an option I felt I could write about. Another topic I wanted to write about was my family’s history of moving as a result of my father’s job. I tried wanting to write about this. However, after a certain point, the topic of moving compared with struggles and resilience becomes so cliché and annoying that I felt completely disinterested.
The major option I explored, however, was my experience with stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. This experience lasted my last two years of high school, and it was nothing short of traumatic—I wanted to write about it for a short period of time, but then it dawned on me how much I wasn’t

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