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  • Effects Of Unprofessional Language In The Workplace

    that is not expected nor appropriate in a workplace by an employee creating an uncomfortable and sometimes hostile environment. Unprofessional language comes in many forms from bullying to gossiping and all other language of disrespect towards one another. Cases of unprofessional language at work can be proven to have negative effects for the employees involved and for the work environment. By learning how…

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  • Sexual Harassment In The Healthcare Industry

    Sexual harassment in the healthcare industry, in the United States, is composed of people from different social classes, levels of professions, race, and ethnic background. Despite our assorted lifestyles and beliefs, all people are entitled to equal treatment in the workplace, though their levels of professions vary in the healthcare industry. There are provincial human rights codes that are enforced to prohibit any form of discrimination in the workplace. The three main causes of sexual…

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  • Sexual Harassment Myths

    myths surrounding sexual harassment. These myths have been defined within research as “attitudes and beliefs that are generally false but are widely and persistently held, and that serve to deny and justify male harassment of women” (Diehl, Glaser, & Bohner, 2014). Research suggests these myths can have negative consequences for individuals, families and workplaces when sexual harassment occurs (Hershcovis, Parker, & Reich, 2010). Diehl, Rees & Bohner (2012) classify sexual harassment into…

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  • Prima Facie Case

    Austal, regarding hostile work environment was very interested because plaintiff worked on shipyard in Mobile, Alabama wherein thirteen (13) plaintiffs alleged a racially hostile work environment at the ship yard. Plaintiff had worked there for approximately ten (10) years, with graffiti on the restroom walls, Confederate flags, and utterances of racial slurs…

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  • Aqua America Case Study

    to dysfunctional stress. Dysfunctional stress decreases employee performance, weakens the immune system, and causes more work accidents (Fundamentals of Human Resource Managment) . According to Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, once harassment starts in a workplace, it can quickly turn into violence. Because management failed to discipline the harasser, it could have potentially put him in a situation where he would have been attacked and a possible victim of a hate crime. Henry…

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  • Gender Inequalities In The Workplace

    more harassment in the workplace. While being a working woman has become quite common in today 's society being a high-paid woman is not something that is easily come by. Many women are considered to be “pink-collar workers”; women that have relatively low paying, non-manual, semi skilled positions (Society in Our Times, 2017). Without…

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  • Employee Effectiveness Paper

    (2014), the fundamental determinants that affects employee effectiveness is the working environment, co-worker relationship, effective leadership and compensation. This is supported by the hundreds of responses to the survey questionnaire developed (p. 311-312). 1.2.1. Determinants of employee effectiveness Anitha reported that fifty three percent of employee productivity is influenced by the working environment and thirty percent by co-worker relationship. The results emphasizes…

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  • A Call To Action: Cyberbullying In Schools

    responsibility on school communities to create a safe learning environment. Since 2002, boards of education have been required to establish policies prohibiting bullying. Since then, the law has been amended several times in an effort to protect students from bullying. The amendments further describe other incidences of bullying as physical acts or gestures with intent to cause physical or emotional harm, damage to property, or creating a hostile…

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  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    In the March of 1911, one hundred and forty five workers, the majority of which were women, perished in a textile fire due to the neglect of their employer to provide a safe working environment. (“Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”, 2009) This event became known to history as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and was the catalyst for many progressive reforms in New York City such as the establishment of the Bureau of Fire Prevention, changing the Municipal Building Code and eventually the overhaul of…

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  • Essay On Police Victimization

    If you attempt to Google “victimization of those that work in the system”, the first thing that is going to come up is someone else asking, “Can police officers be victimized?” Needless to say, I felt that the Internet could not help me, so if this makes no sense, I apologize. Anyways, I thought about that question on Google that had a seemingly obvious answer. Those who work in the system are only human, meaning that of course, they can be victimized. If we look at them just as people, the list…

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