Harassment Case Studies

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The case is about sexual harassment in the work place. There is a lady name Rosetta who is facing sexual harassment in the work place, sexual harassment is a form of discrimination involving the making of unwanted sexual abuses and obscene remarks. This is strictly prohibited under Canadian Human Rights Act.
Regarding the case, this is a reasonable instance of sexual harassment, According to the case study, Rosetta’s co-workers usually ask Rosetta about her private issue. They also make fun of her sexual life without her consent. Rosetta is one of the two ladies in the office that each morning got called by her male colleagues as risotto, which means Italian rice with sauce, and tease her Italian greetings
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One of a Rosetta’s colleagues guides her to talk to supervisor Al for help. Al on other hand when came to know about the incident from Eva was reluctant enough to admit that such thing was going on in the office. This attitude of a supervisor usually encourages the culprits to continue doing such things.
There should be a proper structure and supervision to deal with these kinds of activities. These inappropriate activities are the reason of serious offences such as molestation and sexual assaults. Sexual harassment in the workplace can lead to following drawbacks such as low productivity, leads unsuccessful job meetings, job dissatisfaction and team conflicts. Al should come forward to show Rosetta that he can provide a healthy working environment to her. By finding an appropriate solution to this problem Al can also manage the future by making sure that this kind harassment should not happen to other female workers who will get recruited for the future. Al failed to judge Rosetta as he called her too sensitive for the job and took herself seriously. This shows that Al is either not sure what is going on in the company or he is supporting this
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So in this matter Eva should go on to discuss this matter to higher authority. These superiors are likely to handle this matter with seriousness and good will. This would have higher success rate as compared to that of the present result of the situation. Also, there is an option under which Eva can advice Rosetta to take legal actions against the culprits, this means she is encouraging Rosetta to take a stand for her rights and show them that sexual harassment anywhere should not be tolerate at any cost. Moreover, Eva can have meeting with other employees so that they can come forward and find an appropriate solution.
Other remedies that employer can use to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace is by making a clear sexual harassment policy that is to be implement to each employee working in the firm. There should be a seminar at least once in a year for the employees to make them realize the consequences of sexual harassment. Supervisors and managers should be trained accordingly to take quick and appropriate actions to sexual

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