Case Study: Religious Discrimination And Harassment

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Question 1: Identify and describe the specific issues Maalick encountered in the workplace. Do the actions of other workers at Trenton represent discrimination and harassment? What elements of law are important for Trenton to consider?
Religious Discrimination & Harassment:
Harassment and discrimination was evident in this case based on Maalick’s religion. Trenton has strong culture that provide avenues for employees to know what will and will not be accepted in relation to their behavior, workplace discrimination, and harassment. With that said, the company and employees should have been cautious to not violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Prior to accepting the new position and moving to Kansas, Maalick found and joined
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They continued to ridicule him, but he ignored their antics. Upon his return, Maalick was taunted by his coworkers in that they violated his personal office by placing items that insinuated that he practiced witchcraft and sorcery, but he did not want to approach anyone so instead he went to his supervisor. Mr. Jenkins did not appear to take Maalick’s concerns seriously and it was as if he slighted the victim. Once Mr. Jenkins realized that Maalick was really offended, he promised that he would take care of the situation. According to Title VII, harassment can include offensive remarks by a victim’s supervisor or co-worker, and in this case both of the parties made such remarks as previously stated. Maalick continued to be harassed within the workplace for his religious beliefs until he informed Marta …show more content…
This should be done within 180 calendar days of the formal complaint and should be thorough and impartial. Mrs. Dixon should also look into the other position that Mr. Ford stated would not be filled for another six months. She should inquire about the qualification of Maalick to see if he actually meets or exceeds the minimum and act accordingly based upon the findings. There are also needs to be mandatory training that is conducted and required for all management and staff. Each staff member should also be required to review the policies, procedures, and guidelines that cover expectations of employee and employer behavior the directives that cover workforce diversity, equal employment opportunity, and nondiscrimination and workplace harassment which is already a component of their employee relations. Mrs. Dixon should also meet with Mrs. Ford to ensure she knows her roles and responsibilities, in addition to each leader within the Kansas facility. There should be two training sessions one for management and the other for

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