Hospital-acquired pneumonia

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  • Raymond Wang Essay

    Raymond Wang is a 17-year-old inventor with an idea that can benefit many Americans who air travel frequently. Raymond was competing for a $75,000 prize by speaking at a TEDx Youth event with a fascinating solution to the utmost worst thing about flying, germs. With only using his computer and knowledge of airplanes he is leading us into a healthier future. During this event, he covered what the problem was, how he can solve it, where he is at on this project, and how we can continue to keep…

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  • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (ED)

    Mr. ABC came in to the emergency department (ED) with a chief complaint of left sided chest pain with giddiness and associated with diaphoresis the same morning. While in the ED, he developed a sudden episode of shortness of breath. Mr. ABC has nil past medical or surgical history and has an allergy to Enalapril. His parameters taken are as follows: • Blood pressure: 112 /60 mmHg • Pulse rate: 42 beats/min • Temperature: 35.9°C • Spo2: 97% on room air • Respiration rate: 17 breaths/min An…

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  • Francisella Tularensis Essay

    Background: Francisella tularensis (F.tularensis) is the etiological microorganism for tularemia. There are different forms of tularemia such as respiratory tularemia. Respiratory tularemia is the most severe form of tularemia with a high rate of mortality; if not treated. Therefore, traditional microbiological tools and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) are not useful for a rapid, reliable, accurate, sensitive and specific diagnosis. But, DNA microarray technology does. DNA microarray technology…

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  • Moral Dilemma Case Summary

    pulmonary disease (COPD). In his most recent admission to the hospital, they have found that he has lung cancer and that it has spread to his brain. The doctors have told him that there is nothing that they can do, especially at his age, and have recommended hospice for comfort measures. Mark has mentioned to his family that he would like to be a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). Suddenly, Mark becomes unconscious at family picnic and is taken to the hospital, where he needs assistance of a ventilator…

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  • Cause Of Pain Case Study Essay

    Cause of pain In the case study, the 40-year-old male patient suffered from retrosternal pain that occurred once he laid down after consuming food. The patients’ retrosternal pain is a result of a spontaneous muscular spasm also known as heartburn. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Heartburn is a burning pain in your chest, just behind your breastbone. The pain is often worse when lying down or bending over.” The heartburn that the patient is experiencing is associated with the regurgitation of…

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  • Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    dental caries and periodontal disease (Haliza, Normastura, Azizah & Muhd Khairi, 2016). The early prevention of plaque to the patient who will undergo surgical intervention may reduce the mortality rate, reduce the complication during surgery, longer hospital stay and increased medical costs to the patient (Ying, Jung, Tsyr & Meei, 2011). According to Ganz et al. (2009) stated that barrier in performing oral care will affect 8-28% of patients undergo surgical…

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  • Bordetella Pertussis Essay

    100 Days of Horror with Bordetella Pertussis by Isabella Theamaree Fortun Bordetella pertussis is a fimbriated Gram-negative, pleomorphic, aerobic coccobacillus. It also has a surface associated microcapsule however the role of this is unknown. Bordetella species, in general, grow best at 35° to 37° C. 1 Their growth is fastidious, and this degree of fastidiousness is inversely proportional to its rate of growth.1 Among all Bordetella species, Bordetella pertussis is the most…

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  • Pimples Vs Pimples

    The distinction between pimples and zits zits vs pimples Pimples has a tendency to surface while the oil and melanin glands in the pores and skin get clogged. This outcome in a raised pop which produces pus. pimples are generally infectious in nature and generally tend to spread if carelessly popped main to worsened situations. On the other hand, pimples result from the blockage that occurs within the pores and skin pores. Pimples appear as raised pustules or papules and are very painful. Acne…

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  • Case Study: COPD

    consequence of his COPD? R.S., the patient, has many diagnoses, findings like his history of coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial vascular disease, irregular ABG, chronic bronchitis- COPD, and of course that leads to the possible diagnosis of pneumonia. Therefore, this leads to a very long list of signs and symptoms. The signs and symptoms of COPD type B, which is classified as a “blue bloater” (Copstead, & Banasik, 2010, pg. 483), is very expansive. Since R.S. falls under the “blue…

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  • Amy Parsons Asthma Case Studies

    Amy Parsons is a 16-year-old “A” student with no known medication, environmental, or food allergies and a history of several URI and common colds who presented to clinic with chief complaint of “I go through periods when I cough a lot, I never cough up anything; its just a dry, hacking cough. I have coughing episodes after I swim in the pool, and it seems like I just can't take a deep breath.” Aside from her periodic nonproductive cough and childhood respiratory complications, Amy denies any…

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