Hospital-acquired pneumonia

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  • Pertussis Pathophysiology

    Pertussis Pathophysiology Pertussis is an extremely contagious respiratory infection that is usually referred to as “whooping cough”. This is a respiratory disease that is caused by the organism Bordetella pertussis this is a gram- negative bacteria that is transmitted only from human to human. Pertussis is transmitted through droplets up to 3 weeks after the cough has started if untreated. After it is inhaled the organism attaches itself to the ciliated respiratory epithelial cells that are in…

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  • Lung Cancer And Alveoli Research Paper

    In the human body lies an organ that can float on water the lungs. In that organ there is a cell called Alveoli. The major thing the Alveoli does is take air. The Alveoli can be deeply affected by Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer can kill the alveoli cell and cause death. The alveoli cell is apart of the respiratory system. The respiratory system includes the mouth, nose, throat, lungs, and more. It takes in oxygen either through the nose or mouth and removes the carbon dioxide, this is also called…

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  • Symbicort: A Case Study

    several side effects that you should look out for when taking Symbicort. Lung infection caused by bacteria or viruses, pneumonia, is one of the major side effect seen in patients taking Symbicort. If you are having a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a type of disease that stops the the air when breathing and results in difficulty breathing, you have higher chance to get pneumonia after using Symbicort. Symptoms indicating this side effect include change in amount or color of mucus, fever,…

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  • Bacterial Endocarditis Case Study

    Explanations: 1. I chose the answer subacute bacterial endocarditis, because the symptoms were very similar to the 24 year old biology student of the case study. When someone has this infection they tend to have a fever for several weeks, and she did. A sign of an increase in temepature in the body is fever; therefore this is another symptom of Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis. This disease can also be caused by a gum infection and the patient had minor dental surgery. The patient also had…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Flu Season

    Well, it is that time of year again. We all know how it goes, you’re sitting in class, it’s the middle of September, and there’s that one annoying kid always coughing and sniffling and blowing his or her nose. Then the next class you come in and more people are coughing and sniffling. And then as October rolls around, the coughing has become nonstop and you feel like everyone is sick but you. Personally, this is when I start using hand sanitizer religiously. “I refuse to get sick, I refuse to…

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  • Herpes Simplex Case Study

    Individual Report of Herpes Simplex Virus Case background A 26-year old white lady who has the symptoms includes genital itchy and sharp and severe pain on labia. She also has three previous episodes of pain over 6 months. It appearance of red sores, crusted and healed without scar and small red blisters. Beside, she has 5 sexual partners since last year. The doctor makes diagnosis of Genital herpes simplex. Etiology of herpes simplex virus type 2(HSV-2) The disease causes by herpes simplex…

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  • Influenza Virus Research Paper

    The Influenza virus is a very common virus. Three to five million people are infected each year. There are 250,000 to 500,000 deaths from the influenza virus each year.( The most common people to get infected are: Pregnant women, young children or people with rather weak immune systems. There are so many side symptoms, that include: fever, headache, dry cough, sore throat, shaking chills, severe muscle or body aches, runny or stuffy nose and short term cases of fatigue. It also…

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  • Effects Of DINP

    Human health effects caused by DINP Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) is a phthalate ester that is commonly used as a plasticizer to make softness and flexibility to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products, such as children’s toys. There are many health effects of DINP migrating from children’s toys during mouthing activities. Some concerns are on the kidney and liver, it causes decrease in body weight, an increase in liver weight and and changes in hypertrophy. If toys find their way into children’s…

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  • Lung Cancer Case Study Essay

    Thank you very much for referring Lyn along for the incidentally detected lung nodules. As you have mentioned, she was having a CT scan of her abdomen and pelvis for further assessment of right iliac fossa pain and this did detect some nodules in the lung bases. I understand there was no obvious cause for her right iliac fossa pain and she is managing this well. Thank you for going on to organise a formal CT scan of the chest. This did show multiple scattered nodules in both lungs, some of…

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  • Nursing Case Studies

    10/13/2015 @ 1620. KJ; 24 yo; female; Caucasian; nursing student. Vital signs: BP: 120/72 left arm, sitting down; T: 98.7 ̊ - Oral; P: 68 regular radial; R: 16 unlabored; O2 sat: 98 room air; height: 5’ 8”; weight: 160lbs; BMI: 24.3. General Assessment: Well dressed and groomed, no odor; alert and oriented x 4; affect appropriate for the situation, pleasant; no signs of distress. Overall body structure lean, symmetrical and proportional; sitting upright. 6 piercings above her head; no tattoos.…

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