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  • Why Is Mhammed Ali Important

    victims. He joined humanitarian community to end atrocities and started to participate in many movements for civil rights. He said ,"Hating people because of their color is wrong and it doesn’t matter which color the hating, it’s just PLAIN WRONG!” A year after, he was called out by the US Military for Vietnam war, but he stayed true to his morals that do not allow him to kill innocent civilians refused it. Consequently he was stripped of the heavyweight crown, passport , boxing license and…

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  • Selena Quintanilla Biography

    “If you have a dream, don’t let anyone take it away and always believe that the impossible is always the possible.” Those are words said by Selena Quintanilla, a famous Tejano, Mexican singer. It is crazy how a few strong words could be remembered for so long and perhaps even change history. According to Selena Quintanilla was daughter of Marcella and Abraham Quintanilla who was a musician when Selena was young. Selena the was youngest sister of two; a brother named Abraham…

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  • What Qualities Make A Great Leader Essay

    they can become great leaders. All praisable leadership is built upon many exceptional qualities in one person, such as determination, humility, and honesty. Rosa Park’s attitude of determination made her an admirable leader. When she was forty two years old she took her seat on the bus like any other person but she did not realize that day she would change the future for African Americans forever. In an interview she states “ I felt I had a right to be treated as any other passenger.” After…

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  • Rhythm And Blues: Ruth Brown

    Most people will tell you that that R&B stands for ‘rhythm and blues,’ but some will still argue that it stands for Ruth Brown. A talented R&B singer throughout the 1950s and later in life a successful theater actress, Ruth Brown reshaped the music industry with her bluesy, storytelling ballads and her signature squeaks. Nicknamed “Miss Rhythm” by “Mr. Rhythm” Frankie Laine and called the original diva, Ruth Brown was influential in bridging the gap between the blues and R&B. Ruth Brown faced…

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  • We Didnt Start The Fire Analysis

    Didn’t Start The Fire was one of the most powerful songs in 1989, written by no other than Billy Joel. The number one hit mentions some famous events between the years of 1949 and 1989. In 1949 was when the singer was born and in 1989 was when the song was released. We Didn’t Start The Fire was nominated for record of the year at the Grammy Awards and was also number one in the United States at that time. But that’s not all the song was noticed for. The hit was known for it’s strong message and…

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  • Johnny Cash Thesis

    From his brother’s death to the great floods of Arkansas, Cash wrote songs about it all. Except this time, not only did he just record music, Cash also had special appearances on radio barn dance programs, network television shows, and even in movies. “His star ascended higher still in 1958, when he departed from Sun Records and signed with Columbia Records, one of the nation’s biggest recording companies at the time.” (The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives) Unfortunately, Cash struggled…

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  • Dave Grohl's The Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways

    Studios in October 1994. For their first album (Foo Fighters), Dave Grohl wrote every song, played every instrument and sang every vocal with the exception of a guitar part played by Greg Dulli of the Afghan Wings. After the album created interest among record labels, Grohl formed a band to support it. The Foo Fighters made their live public debut on February 23rd, 1995 and then March 3rd. They released their first single,…

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  • Music Video Analysis

    sold at least 4 million hits during his career. In 1964 the Beatles set the stage for modern music video with the motion picture ‘A Hard Days Night’ directed by Richard Lester. A year later in 1965 they then began making promotional clips for distribution and broadcast in other countries. They did so to enable their record releases without having to make in-person…

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  • Jazz Music Research Paper

    Armstrong made more than 60 records with the Hot Five and, later, the Hot Seven. Today, these are generally regarded as the most important and influential recordings in jazz history; on these records, Armstrong 's virtuoso brilliance helped transform jazz from an ensemble music to a soloist 's art” (Editors, B.). He had also begun scat singing with his widely known vocal on the record “Heebie…

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  • John Lennon: John Legend

    His impact on society and music was so profound and mind blowing that it will be an inspiration to many for years and years to come. His death had, and still continues to have, a major impact on all of the music industry today. His murder caused deep sadness for millions of fans around the globe and his memory will forever be remembered by all who loved him. John Lennon…

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