Grammy Award for Record of the Year

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  • Kendrick Lamar Interpretation

    Evaluation Paper #2 The Grammy Award for Album of the Year is presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States to recognize “ artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to the album sales or chart position.” Album of the year is easily the most prestigious award category at the Grammy’s and has been since 1959. Kendrick Lamar, a West Coast rapper, was recently nominated for 11 Grammys; almost…

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  • What Are The Four Elements Of Hip Hop Culture

    Nation. He describes it as having the four elements of hip hop culture, which he believes, are DJing, break dancing, graffiti, and MCing. Meanwhile, DJ Grand Wizard Theodore unknowingly invents “scratching” which is when the DJ puts pressure on the record under the needle during a break. This new innovation starts becoming more popular in the works of DJs around New York. By this point, hip hop has spread to all the boroughs of New York while disco is the mainstream genre in clubs. In 1979, the…

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  • Taylor Swift Biography

    Reading, Pennsylvania. She spent most of her early years on her families Christmas tree farm. I wasn’t long before Taylor started to take after her grandmother who had been a professional opera singer. As early as age nine Taylor was taking vocal and acting lessons. By age ten Swift was singing in a variety of local events, fairs and contests. At age 11 she sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a Philadelphia 76ers game. When Swift was about 12 years old, a computer repairman taught Swift how to…

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  • Kanye West: A Living Legend?

    Living Legend? The first time I heard Kanye West rap was with his album 808’s and Heartbreaks. The first song I remember listening to was ‘Heartless’ by Kanye West. I was just a young boy, about 10 years old or so and I was relatively new to the to the music world and did not know much. I only really knew about the young pop stars that teenagers were all crazy about and the older music that my dad always listened to. But people at first told me not to listen to Kanye West because of his music…

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  • Riley B King Autobiography

    Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in 1984 and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. He received a Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1987, and collected awards and honorary doctorates from the University of Mississippi, Yale University and Berklee College of Music. In 1988 he recorded a track with Irish rockers U2, "When Love Comes to Town," for their album Rattle and Hum. The hit record and associated concert film introduced King to a whole new generation of music…

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  • Michael Jackson Accomplishments

    accusation. Later the following year Michael settled the problem with the boy’s family out of court. So after that he married Elvis Presley daughter and then got divorced after two years of marriage. Then his music career started to go down but he made an album called Past, Present, Future, Book I, it included old hit songs and new ones which Scream earned a Grammy for such cool effects for the music video. Then he got accused of molesting a different thirteen year old in 2003. The jury found…

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  • I Remember Me Analysis

    Me is the second studio album by American R&B recording artist Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Academy Award-winning actor, and best-selling author. In 2007 she received the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for her performance in “Dreamgirls”. The title song from the album was “I Remember Me” which was co-written with Ryan Tedder who is also a Grammy Award-winning recording artist. Along with co-writing this song with Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Tedder wrote…

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  • Bob Marley Research Paper

    Working on his abilities with Joe Higgs, Marley met Peter Tosh who will also be apart of the band. At the time Bob Marley was still a solo artist and he came across Lesile Kong, which liked his voice and had Marley record a few songs, the first one was “Judge Not”, which was released in 1962. He did not succeed as a solo artist so in 1963 Marley, Livingston, and Tosh formed a band known as the Wailing Wailers because they were ghetto sufferers. They recorded their…

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  • Shakir Barefoot Foundation

    people to know more about the foundation and how it works and what good deeds have been made from the foundation. Shakira as the founder of Barefoot Foundation is the Colombian singer-song writer who had sold 60 millions records worldwide and also has won numerous awards including Grammy. And she is also known as the Celebrity who loves to help and do charity programs. Beside Barefoot Foundation there are some charities which Shakira have been support such as, ALAS, Children’s Defense Fund,…

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  • Music Analysis: Wake Up Mr. West

    and who does not. Infamous artists do not simply make to the mainstream scene overnight. Instead, they earn their way up with efforts; breaking records, creating mesmerizing beats, and in this instance developing the “chipmunk soul” sound. While, breaking social barriers and being oppressed by the music industry. The self-conscious, big ego, Grammy award winner, and fashion mogul; Kanye Omari West, became everything he had ever dreamed of. His true non-conformist character led him to developed…

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