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  • Negative Effects Of Rap Music On Youth

    Communities, generation and legacies are suffering because of the negative visualizations that producers and record companies are promoting to rap artist, along with BET and MTV broadcasting their videos (Toms, 2006,…

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  • Theories Of Eminem

    One time, DE ‘Angelo Bailey, beat Eminem so badly so the boy suffered from head injury. Eminem was eleven years old when he wrote his first rap song. His uncle gifted him as he succeeds at his first rap song. Several years later, his uncle committed suicide and the loss significantly affected to little Eminem. Moreover, he greatly influenced by that so he stopped speaking for days and was absent from the funeral…

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  • Fuck Tha Police History

    Greatest Songs of All Time, but it goes much deeper than that. I would argue that ‘Fuck Tha’ Police’ was one of the most politically essential songs of the 1980s and one of few songs to have stood the test of time, demonstrating its relevance nearly 30 years later. It helped to shape the direction in which rap of the…

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  • George Harrison's Contribution To Music

    had impressed him before he met Ravi Shankar in 1966 (George Harrison). Shankar took Harrison as his student and taught him "so much without saying a word, but by example" (George Harrison). He helped lead Harrison spiritually, as well. Later that year, Harrison traveled to Srinagar, India and practiced the sitar "at the foot of the Himalayan mountains surrounded by fields of golden saffron flowers" (Greene). Here in this "idyllic setting," Harrison was able to immerse himself into music and…

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  • Analysis Of Channel Orange

    he was born in Washington state in 1978, so he is currently thirty-eight years old. He was given the nickname Malay due to his father’s Asian decent. In the late 90’s, James began participating in the music industry, but it was not until 2005 that his first high-profile project was released in the soundtrack to Get Rich or Die Tryin’. This is when his career really began to take off. Since then he has produced many records for some of the most well known hip-hop and R&B artists of my generation,…

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  • Keith Urban Biography Essay

    Keith Lionel Urban was born October 26, 1967 in Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand. Urban is the son of Bob and Marienne Urban who together ran a self-owned convenience store. On Urban’s father’s side, his grandfather was a piano teacher and his father played the drums. When Urban was young his family moved from New Zealand to Australia, and this is where Urban’s uncle gave him his first instrument, a ukulele. Both of Urban’s parents loved country music and this is where he developed his taste…

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  • Rock And Roll In The 50's

    Since rock and roll did not begin till the mid 1950s the youth was still being held to strict tidy polices by parents and educators. Social cultural wise the teens were to dress in an specific manner where the males must be dressed in tight jeans, button up shirts and letterman cardigans. As for the girls they had to wear ballet flats with long poodle skirts. The youth of the 50s was also given the same social norms that their parents acquired when they were young. Many of the recreational…

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  • Reggae Music Analysis

    Introduction Reggae as a style of modern popular music expresses feelings and opinions about life, love and religion. It was originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s and rapidly arose as the country’s dominant music (Cooper, 2015). It is widely perceived as a forceful voice for the people under confrontation and struggle. As Reggae often bores the weight of politicized lyrics that addresses social and economic injustice, it helps to raise awareness about social and political issues. Among…

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