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  • Popular Music Case Study

    The creation of electrical recording made it possible for musicians to record their voices in a wide range of subtle sounds, which affected the style of many artists. Eventually audiences began to prefer a more natural, conventional, and intimate style of song, rather than the previous louder theater versions, which the microphone…

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  • Music Has Changed Over Time Essay

    Technology through the years has changed the way that music is acquired and enjoyed. In history, music evolved over time and the introduction of instruments began humans’ love affair with music. Recorded music has changed significantly over the last few decades. People express themselves through music. Music can describe or explain who you are as person. Changes in sound have changed society. In history, in 325 C.E. Constantine declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire…

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  • Elvis Presley's Accomplishments

    changes the world’s perspective of music with his incredible talent and charisma (Petersen 1). Presley’s first exposure began weekly at his church singing and playing in front of a large congregation. When he was ten years old, he won second prize for singing at a contest. The following year he received his first guitar as a legacy. When Presley’s family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, he began competing and winning talent shows and his fame grew even stronger. The appreciation and support he had…

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  • Louis Armstrong Biography Essay

    Parker (“Louis Armstrong Biography”). They were married from 1918-1923. Miss Parker’s occupation was prostitution (“Louis Armstrong”). He then married his second wife, Lil Hardin Armstrong in 1924 (“Louis Armstrong”). They were married for four years from 1924-1938 (“Louis Armstrong”). Then on to his third wife, Miss Alpha Smith, which he was married to from 1938-1942 ( Louis Armstrong”). Finally, he married his last wife, Lucille Wilson in 1942 (“ Louis Armstrong”). Armstrong wrote…

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  • Nick Cannon Research Paper

    Cannon was born in San Diego, California, to Televangelist James Cannon and bookkeeper Beth Hackett. His folks separated when he was a child, so he grew up on a back and forth basis between California and North Carolina. At 8 years old, Nick Cannon's granddad exposed him to the performance world when he gave him a few musical instruments. Before long, he changed from music to doing stand-up comic drama, using his dad's public access show as a platform. 8. More On Nick's Endeavors…

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  • Thriller Analysis

    When Thriller was first released, listeners could only expect greatness considering Michael Jackson’s prior experience in the music industry. Ever since he started singing at the age of just 5 years old, Jackson had stunned the world with his musical and performing skills. It is certainly an understatement to say this guy had already had some success in the industry before releasing Thriller. Coming off of his hugely-successful album, Off the Wall in 1980, he certainly had high expectations to…

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  • Gil Scott-Heron: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    4 that same year, two black students were shot and killed by members of the Mississippi State Highway Patrol. A few years before these tragedies back at Lincoln the Ku Klux Klan had burned a 30-foot cross near the college. After responding to these events through his poetry/music by releasing, “The Nigger Factory,” “The…

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  • Kanye West Essay

    and total of 34 million albums sold. Winner of 21 Grammy Awards and other 68 nominations as a record producer, singer, songwriter and rapper. Until today, no other hip-hop artist has won more. Plaudits from Lou Reed, Prince, Paul McCartney and many more ( Editors, 2017). He has been influencing music as an art constantly since his…

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  • Lucy O Brien's Madonn Like An Icon

    more upbeat tone than her previous two, being more thematically about love. Unfortunately, a few years later she was divorced, with Sean Penn being portrayed the…

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  • Tainted Love Analysis

    "Tainted Love Or Tainted Music" Musician, songwriter, and record producer of the 50's and 60's Ed Cobb wrote the memorable song "Tainted Love" in 1964. Cobb's profession of musician and songwriter has been marked as a renowned songwriter of his time. Cobb played in the band the Four Preps and wrote for several famous musical artists like the Standells, Fleetwood Mac, and Pink Floyd, just to name a few. The talents of Cobb's work has boosted musicians fame with the enjoyment of his lyrics. His…

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