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  • Bob Marley Research Paper

    Working on his abilities with Joe Higgs, Marley met Peter Tosh who will also be apart of the band. At the time Bob Marley was still a solo artist and he came across Lesile Kong, which liked his voice and had Marley record a few songs, the first one was “Judge Not”, which was released in 1962. He did not succeed as a solo artist so in 1963 Marley, Livingston, and Tosh formed a band known as the Wailing Wailers because they were ghetto sufferers. They recorded their…

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  • Shakir Barefoot Foundation

    people to know more about the foundation and how it works and what good deeds have been made from the foundation. Shakira as the founder of Barefoot Foundation is the Colombian singer-song writer who had sold 60 millions records worldwide and also has won numerous awards including Grammy. And she is also known as the Celebrity who loves to help and do charity programs. Beside Barefoot Foundation there are some charities which Shakira have been support such as, ALAS, Children’s Defense Fund,…

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  • Music Analysis: Wake Up Mr. West

    and who does not. Infamous artists do not simply make to the mainstream scene overnight. Instead, they earn their way up with efforts; breaking records, creating mesmerizing beats, and in this instance developing the “chipmunk soul” sound. While, breaking social barriers and being oppressed by the music industry. The self-conscious, big ego, Grammy award winner, and fashion mogul; Kanye Omari West, became everything he had ever dreamed of. His true non-conformist character led him to developed…

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  • Miles Davis Short Biography

    the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. In the year of 1979 Davis made someone who would have a major impact on his life. Miles found himself in another difficult stage in his life and turned back to alcohol and drug abuse. This time he had an addiction to cocaine causing him to put a halt on his music career for approximately five years. It wasn’t until he met the American actress Cicely Tyson in 1979 that Davis become back clean. The first couple of years of their relationship, Tyson helped to…

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  • How Did Michael Jackson Change Pop Culture

    Michael Jackson effort for music and dancing did not just change pop culture, he revolutionized it, becoming the biggest star during the seventies, eighties and nineties. He made society rethink the entire industry of pop culture itself as he made famous for his music, videos, dancing and clothing. He bridged most of pop culture back then to what has become now. If it weren’t for Michael Jackson influencing society through his music many people who was inspired by his work wouldn’t be where they…

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  • The History Of Rhythm And Blues Music

    Music was once a place to get away. All throughout time, music has been love, passion, exercise, therapy, and fun. Music has changed dramatically in the last fifty to sixty years. Rhythm and Blues music was once known as rock and roll but was changed when the two different types of music took their own way. Rhythm and Blues started big in the 40’s and 50’s. It was the biggest and most popular type of music and made the most impact in history. R&B (Rhythm and blues), which consists of soulful…

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  • Bob Dylan Biography

    Bob Dylan has used his multiple years of making music and writing countless poems to earn himself an outstanding award. He is the first musician to ever win the Nobel Prize Award for Literature and it has come with a lot of controversy. Even though some consider him not to be one of the best musicians, he is one of the most important poets and musicians of all time because he has expressed so many social and political concerns throughout his lyrics. His great works can be not only sung but also…

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  • Joan Baez: Social Activist

    Joan Baez is an American folk musician. Her music often contained messages of protest, calling for social justice (specifically, nonviolence, civil and human rights, and the environment). She began recording music in 1960, achieving immediate success as a folk singer, but since the countercultural movement, has diversified to rock, pop, classical, country, and gospel. Baez’s unique vocal style and political activism had a significant impact on popular music. She was one of the first artist…

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  • Miles Dew Davis: Sketches Of Blue

    masterpieces, such as, Kind of Blue in 1959, Sketches of Spain in 1960, and the Bitches Brew in 1969. Kind of Blue won the bestselling album of the year, and is one of the most sought-after recordings as late as 1998. It was the first Jazz album to reach double-platinum, in addition to being a Masterpiece, Kind of Blue brought Jazz into the final years of the bebop era. Sketches of Spain arrangement was based on the second movement of “Concierto de Aranjuela” by Joaquin Rodrigo written in 1939.…

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  • Queen Latifah Informative Speech

    rapper, songwriter, singer, actress, model, television producer, record producer, and talk show host. She is even an activist for women rights. This women is the Queen of Rap/Jazz, and her name is Queen Latifah. The simplest thing can make a person start to love music. For this black women it was the nickname she had been given as a child. Queen Latifah was born Dana Elaine Owens on March 18, 1970, in Newark, New Jersey. When she was 8 years old, a Muslim cousin gave her the nickname Latifah,…

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